How does Induction Cooker Work?

The induction cooktop is a relatively new invention in the world of cooking. It works by creating an electromagnetic field that heats up metal pots and pans. It means you don’t need to use any fuel to make it work, which can save both time and money. The article will give you more detail about how the induction cooktop works so you can decide if it’s right for your kitchen.

It has a lot of advantages, but how does it work? This blog post will discuss the basics of how an induction cooktop works and what sets it apart from other types of stoves.

Working of the induction cooker – Use of electromagnetic field

Induction cooking starts working by using an electromagnetic field that creates hot spots in the pot of food below it – not unlike how a record player uses magnets to “bounce” a needle over its spinning surface. The difference with this type of cooktop is that instead of bouncing off one single point as on a record, there are several points throughout the pan where this happens simultaneously – hence more even heating!

The manufacturer uses a coil made of copper wire which replaces the typical grate. As soon as you place the cooking pan or a pot just above the surface of the induction cooktop, it is through the coil the current passes, and it hits directly to the cookware. 

This entire process creates the oscillating magnetic field and begins to heat the back portion of the cooking pot. Also, to heat the cooking pot placed over the induction cooker, the device uses electromagnetic radiation. By knowing the mechanism of working, you must be eager to know about the Best Induction Cooktops. An unbiased review from experts will help you get the suitable one.

Effect of vibration in the electromagnetic field

By placing your hand under such spot, you will feel some vibration due to the high frequency produced by ceramic converters beneath

If you want to know how induction works, then it’s time to look at the mechanism of this type of cooktop.

Is it easy to cook with the induction cooktop?

  • An induction cooktop is easy to use because it only has two controls: power and temperature. It means that you can set the stove to any heat level, from low, medium, or high.
  • Set the temperature to a specific degree (say 190 degrees) using the touchscreen on the control panel.
  • You can also turn an induction burner off by just touching the screen for three seconds. It’s as simple as clicking “off” in Windows!

How to cook in an induction cooker perfectly?

To cook with the induction cooker, you must have the right utensils. You can easily get a variety of cookware that are cookable in an induction cooker. Once you have chosen the right cooking utensils, below are the step you must follow:

Step 1

Please switch it on with the right cooking utensils and set to the desired temperature; wait for a few moments before you put anything in it.

Step 2

Wait until you see bubbles forming under the pot, then cook as usual. The cooker will work at its maximum power while there are bubbles underneath, so be careful not to overcook your food.

Step 3

When everything has been boiled or cooked, take off the lid, turn down the heat immediately and remove the pot from the stovetop with a towel after turning off the electric point.

What are the benefits of cooking in an induction cooker?

The fastest way to prepare food

An induction cooker is sometimes referred to as “the fastest way” to prepare meals because it can significantly reduce the time required for preparation with its fast heating abilities that are achieved without using gas or electric elements in the pan itself. Find out how this new type of stovetop works below!

Easy to clean induction top

Induction cookers are incredibly simple to clean and maintain. Unlike other types of cookware, induction cooking does not produce any messy spatter or smudges on your walls or cabinets due to the way it heats up the pan. The only thing that you need to do is wipe down the surface with a damp cloth after each use and occasionally apply some oil to keep it in good condition. 

Induction cookers are safe to use

Induction cookers are very safe to use because they use electromagnetic waves to heat up the cookware. As a result, the top plain surface of the oven remains cool even if you are cooking it for a long time. If you have kids and pets right at home, the chances of accidents will be less as there won’t be any chance of electric shock.

Conserve energy

In a traditional stovetop, the heat is generated by an element that gets hot and transfers this energy to food. With induction cooktops, however, electromagnetic waves created in the pot or pan itself are transferred directly into food through electromagnetic induction. This means less electricity consumption which saves you money on your electric bill!

Lightweight and easy to carry

The induction cooktop is quite different from the stoves or the ovens used in a traditional kitchen. Unlike the conventional gas oven, which is connected to the gas cylinder and cannot be moved easily to a different place, the induction cooktop can be easily carried while you are traveling. It comes with a chord that can be plugged in and switched on with an electric source. Thus, even if you are traveling for official work or make fun with friends, this lightweight, easy-to-carry induction cooker will be the best consideration for you.


Gone are those days when people adopted the traditional style of cooking that consumes more fuel and takes a long time to prepare. The Induction cookers are one of the latest cooking gadgets that will create a different look for your kitchen. You can save your electricity bills, time, and energy while cooking food in an induction cooker. Also, the latest technology cooking oven retains all the vitamins and minerals while cooking.