Best Room Heater in India

Best Room Heater in India

2020 winters are certainly not the same. With the pandemic that resembles cold and flu, people are taking every precautionary measure to keep the chilly winters on the bay. That’s the reason why the best room heaters sales have surged up and how! Now, searching for the best room heater for winter in India can be chaotic. Just when you think that a product or device is appropriate for you, a better one pops up on the recommendation list. Well, we get you. But don’t worry, we have taken care of that. So if you are thinking about which room heater is best in India, then this is the best place for you. With years of experience in appliances and gadgets, our professional experts have thoroughly researched websites and come up with a list of the best room heater in India 2020. Here, we have a list of products in India that are ranked after searching for best room heater in India quora answers, best room heater in India review, the features, power consumption, heat settings, heating element, performance ability, warranty period, pros, and cons. So, without any ado, let’s start with the list.

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Our Top Choices

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC

2000 watts of Power

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater

New Shakti

Bajaj Majesty RX11 Heat Convector Room Heater:

Bajaj Majesty RX11 Heat Convector Room Heater:

RX 11

Top-rated Room Heaters Comparison Chart:

Buying an appropriate room heater can be quite confusing. That’s because there are so many varieties and options available online, one might not know which one is suitable for them. With that being said, here we have mentioned some of the best room heaters in India based on their power settings, power consumption, heat settings, heat capacity, warranty, and type. Our list will surely help you to get the best electric room heater in India that matches your requirements.

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater:2000 Watts2 year
Orpat OEH 1200 2000-WATT FAN HEATER:2000 Watts1 year
Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater:2000 Watts2 Year
Havells Calido PTC Fan HeaterNA1 year
Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)1800 Watt1 Year
Warmex PTC 99N Room HeaterNA1 year
Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater 1000 Watt2 year

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater

With 2000 watts of power, the room heater is an appropriate option for winter nights. The thermostat settings help to control the temperature as per the user’s wish. All over it is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

With an ability to provide instant warmth or heat, this 2000 watts PTC room heaters promises to combat the chilly winter nights with much-needed comfort. The body of the product is white, and the heating method is convection. It is pretty convenient to carry as the room heater constitutes a carry handle. Besides, the indicator light conjugated within the heater helps in an effortless operation of the product. It further holds other features like a 3 pin power socket plug, overhead protection with power selector, and adjustable thermostat settings. With the thermostat and power selector knob, one can customize the heat as per their need. To talk about its reliability and safety features, the brand claims this product to be secure, dependable, and one of the best room heater blower in India. 


As per the reviews, the 2000 Wattage makes it an effective product for an even warmth/heat throughout the rooms. It is not very complex to operate and quite convenient for use.


To ensure brand reliability, the Morphy Richards Aristo 2000 Watts PTC Room Heater holds a warranty period of 2 years. Users facing any difficulty within this period of time can show their warranty card for assistance. 


  • It is easy to use and renders and even warmth in the rooms. 
  • Apart from that, the product is light in weight.
  • It is durable and pretty affordable as well.
  • It consists of variable heat settings for power and rooms temperature control.
  • The heater is compact and small. People can move it from one room to another without any issue.


  • Although there are no such significant cons, the heater plug is big. You may require a connector or an adaptor to use it.

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heaters

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heaters

To ensure better protection, the room heater holds useful features where the product turns off itself on dropping or overheating. The fan combined with the product ensures that the heat is distributed evenly.

Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater is designed with 2 heat settings of 1300 and 2000 W. It is considered pretty useful for different climatic conditions. The heater consists of a PTC Ceramic heating element that can help in a fast and reliable heat throughout the room. Apart from that, this best room heater in India has an oscillation function for heating in a multi-directional manner. Moreover, If the product falls for some reason, it turns off automatically. As an added benefit, it has a dust filter to eliminate any dust accumulation in the heater. Besides, it is easy to clean, as well. The product also turns off if it is overheated. This ensures better protection and safety features for use. That’s why the brand considers it to be the best room heater for babies in India. 


To mention its performance, the room heater is quite powerful and efficient in keeping the room warm. The reviews of the product are more on the positive side.


Overall, the product has a warranty period of 1 year. It depicts prolonged brand reliability and trust.


  • As per the features and customer reviews, it is easy to use and durable.
  • Multi-directional heating through the oscillating feature of the product is pretty impressive.
  • It is fast and quality built to retain even warmth in the rooms.
  • The product is also very energy-efficient.


  • Some users complained that the cost is pretty high. 

Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater: 

Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater:

The thermostat feature combined with this product makes it efficient for use. Through this feature, the temperature can be customized. It also provides peace of mind to the user with its other safety features.

Cold winter nights demand immediate warmth and heat. And that’s precisely what this heat convector room heater claims to provide. With 2000 Watts capacity, the room heater has a thermostat for temperature adjustment. With this feature, you can customize the heat as per your desire. Also, it holds two heat settings of 1000 W and 2000 W, respectively. Besides, it has auto thermal shut off and a thermal fuse to retain any scenario of overheating. With this feature, the brand promises it to be the best room heater in India with peace of mind and convenience. The installation can be executed in two ways, viz horizontal and vertical. In summers, you can use this product as a fan too. Thus, be it winters or summers, the heater is efficient either way.


50% of the users gave positive reviews with five stars for the heating performance of the product. They further praised its long-lasting life and even heat distribution throughout the rooms.


To ensure dependability and longevity, this room heater by Bajaj provides a warranty period of 2 years. 


  • For better safety, the heater has an auto thermal cut out, thermal fuse, or thermostat.
  • The style and design of the product are international.
  • The room temperature can be adjusted through the thermostat.
  • It has two different heat settings and a cool-touch feature. Also, it is approved by BIS.
  • It can be used as a heater in winters and a fan in summer. 
  • The product is light in weight.


  • As per reviews, for some people, the plug was a bit big. Thus, it might not be appropriate for specific plug points.
  • The fan can be noisy at times.
  • Users think that it’s a bit overpriced. 

Orpat OEH 1200 2000-WATT FAN HEATERS: 

Orpat OEH 1200 2000-WATT FAN HEATERS:

One of the common concerns with any room heater is overheating. And Orpat OEH 1200 200-Watt fan heaters are protected to retain such case scenarios. It is nonsagging and safe to use.

One of the first features of this room heater by Orpat comprises its potency to provide spot heating. Thus, it is pretty appropriate for a room size up to 250 square feet. In simpler words, If you have a small or medium-sized room, then a spot heating heater can be the best room heater in India. Coming to its appearance and other features option, the body material of the heater is made of plastic and metal. To mention some of its other features, it has a long-life heating element. Likewise, the overheat protection retains the product from any overheating. In addition to that, it is non-sagging and holds a safety-cut off. The thermal-cut off provides better protection by turning off the device if it falls for some reason. It also has two-heat settings (1000 and 2000 Watts) for distinct climate conditions.


Moving on to its performance, the reviews claim that the heater is quite durable. Users have used it for years, and the performance is satisfactory. With a wattage capacity of 2000 Watts, the product is considered the best fan room heater in India for a small or medium-sized room.


It has a one year warranty by Orpat. Make sure to keep your warranty card handy for any assistance with the product in the future.


  • It has regulated movement.
  • The product is pretty light in weight.
  • It is relatively easy to use.
  • The body of the heater is cool on touching. It is non-sagging too.
  • Also, the warranty period for the product is one year.


  • As the product requires a 5-15 A Converter, users with a 5A or 6A socket have to use a three pin plug or extension cord.
  • Even with extension cords, it cannot be utilized for an extended period of time.
  • As the heater consists of a fan, it produces some noise on operating.

Havells OFR-9F in 2400-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells OFR-9F has a precise design and cord storage. The 2000 Watt power makes it quite effective in providing consistent heat flow throughout the rooms. It is also reliable and safe for use.

The first thing you’ll note about the Orient Electric Enamour Plus is the unusual design of the diamond shape, which is somewhat distinct from what is usually used in water heaters. The tank has an antibacterial system that keeps the water clean from dangerous bacteria in your bath. This makes the Orient Electric Enamor Plus a perfect device to consider by selecting basic safety and insulation features.

This black Havells heater is designed precisely to ensure a safe outcome through features like overheat protection and tilt over safety. It further consists of a cord storage and rear safety cover for users’ convenience. For effortless mobility from one place to another, the product holds Castor wheels. It has a thermostatic heat control with a power of 2000 watts. With a power input of 230 V, the PTC heater comes with a heating element for an even flow of warmth/heat throughout the room. On top of that, the product holds three different power settings. These settings have different wattages to deliver an energy-efficient outcome. 


On the basis of product performance, this one of the best room heaters in India keeps the room evenly warm. Users also confess that the heater makes the atmosphere comfortable.


The Havells OFR fan heater holds a warranty of 1 year. You can show your warranty card and seek assistance without any issue during this time span. 


  • At first, the product is easy to use and comparatively silent, despite the fan.
  • It is quite budget-friendly with low Maintainance cost.
  • The heater is known to provide even warmth and heat throughout the room. 
  • For safety features, the product holds overheat protection features.
  • The PTC Heater consists of a fan and thermostatic heat control.


  • As per lower rating reviews, customers faced some issues with product management.

Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

There are two heating positions to deliver performances in different climate conditions. In addition to that, it has an adjustable thermostat to customize the temperature according to one’s desire. 

The fan heater by Usha comes in three power modes viz, cool wind, low heat, as well as high heat. In addition to that, it consists of an adjustable Thermostat. Through this feature, one can adjust the temperature of a particular room easily. To retain any overheating scenario and provide protection from it, the heater consists of a thermal cut out feature. With this feature, the best room heater in India turns off if it overheats or falls. Likewise, the power wattage of the product is 1000/1800 W, as it holds two adjustable heating positions. 


With over 51% five-star ratings, the heater is considered compact, effective, and easy to use. The performance is pretty satisfactory for a small or medium sized room.


Usha Fan Heater holds a warranty period of 1 year in total. Make sure to keep the warranty card safe for further assistance.


  • It is compact and easy to use for an even warmth and heat throughout the room.
  • It provides overheating protection as a safety feature for efficient heating performance.
  • The adjustable thermostat settings are convenient for temperature control.
  • One can take it around cold winter months as it is portable and light in weight.


  • Some users claim it to have a plastic smell.
  • The heater is a bit on the heavy side.

Warmex PTC 99N Room Heater 

Warmex PTC 99N Room Heater

Being one of the most reliable brands, Warmex has come up with a heater that provides oscillation features and wind selection ranging. Apart from that, it maintains all the safety measures to retain a secure performance.

The room heater by Warmex is known to have some helpful features for reliable performance. To start, it holds features like a PTC heating element, No oxygen burning, Quick heating, etc. In addition to that, it has an oscillation feature to maintain consistent heating throughout the room. You get the feature of wind selection ranging as cool, warm, or hot. To ensure protection, it has an overheat and tip over switch safety, where a product turns off if it falls or gets excessively heated. Last, of all, it holds benefits like high thermal efficiency and Thermal cut-off with automatic reset function. For these features, the brand claims it to be one of the best room heater in India.


As per top reviews, the heater is considered as effective and money-friendly for users. Likewise, it evenly heats the entire room to retain a comfortable atmosphere.


The Warranty period of the heater is 1 year.


  • It comes with speed control to enjoy a desirable room temperature.
  • The PTC with oscillation feature makes it pretty useful.
  • It is user-friendly and light in weight. Also, users claim it to be pretty flexible.


  • Some reviews state that the product plug overheats.
  • Also, it produces some noise that can be quite annoying.

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Heaters

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Heaters

The Bajaj heater is quite useful for consistent warmth throughout the room. The CRCA material outer body makes it durable and long-lasting. On top of that, the 1000 watts power capacity is quite satisfactory.

The radiant heaters by Bajaj are quite efficient for smaller rooms. It is known to evenly distribute warmth in a room during the winter season. The body is made of CRCA material, and it comes with an adjustable thermostat. To ensure safety, the cord is cotton braided. It also had a nickel-chromium plated mesh grid for efficient heating. Moreover, it is appropriate for a neat and clean operation. To mention some of its additional category features, the product holds a stainless steel reflector for an even heat transfer, a flexible stand for strong support, 1000 Watts of energy, and a corrosion-resistant nickel chrome plated mesh grid.


With a wattage up to 2500W, the product is considered pretty satisfactory and one of the best room heater in India by the users. According to the reviews, 56% of people have rated the product 5 stars for its performance.


The product holds a prolonged warranty period of 2 years to ensure brand reliability. 


  • The heater is affordable and budget-friendly.
  • It provides uniform heat in the room. Also, the product is pretty sturdy.
  • It holds a cotton braided cord for safety and protection. 
  • Likewise, it also has a Nickel Chromium Plated Mesh for precise heating.


  • Some people claim that the product smells like burnt fabric.

Types of room heaters available in India?

Now that you know the names of some of the best room heater in India, let’s comprehend more about the heating appliances. When we talk about room heaters, we usually imagine a machine that increases the temperature of the room and maintains a warm atmosphere in chilly winters. But did you know room heater comes in different varieties? Choosing from these option can be pretty confusing.

That’s because each heater works on different technologies and principles. There can be oil filled heaters, oil filled radiator, infrared heaters, distinct heat settings, quartz tubes, radiant heaters, oil heaters,etc. Thus, one might struggle to find the appropriate product for their own use as room heater comes in different types. For further guidance in that area, here we mentioned various types of room heaters available in today’s time.

Convection Heaters

The first of all heater type is Convection heaters. Now, the principle or technology on which this heater works is the convection technology. Here a coil or panel is utilized for the heating process. For its even spread throughout the room, a fan or blower is used. It ensures that the warm air is evenly spread within the place. 

Conduction Heaters

Unlike convection heaters, conduction heaters work on the metallic coil. With this heater, the heat is distributed through metallic coils. It also glows with the electrical heat. At first, the heater warms the areas around, and then it progresses to spread in other areas. 

Radiant Heater

A heater that operates on infrared radiation is called a radiant heater. One of the most efficient features of these radiant heaters is their heating capacity. When this heater works, it heats the areas or surfaces directly. That’s the reason why it provides direct warmth or heat and comfort in the room.

Hopefully, you got to know about the heater types precisely. Now that you do let’s move on to some of the factors that are necessary to choose a room heater. Make sure to check on these features to get the best heater for room in India for your place.

Humidity and Moisture

Always ensure that the heater device has a humidifier or the humidity levels remain optimal. That’s because even best room heaters can decrease the humidity and moisture content of a place. It may then result in conditions like nasal irritation, dry eyes, or blocked nose.


If you tend to switch rooms more often, then get yourself a portable room heater. These products will be pretty light and handy to transfer from one place to another. You can keep the heater in a room of your own preference.


Another essential requirement for a room heater is its thermostat control. Make sure to get a product that provides precise thermostat control as it helps to adjust the temperature.

Heating capacity

Also, the heater should have an adequate heating capacity. That’s because if a heater holds sufficient heating capacity, the outcome will be satisfactory as well. It will provide even heat throughout the room.

Check Reviews

When buying an appropriate heater for yourself, check out the reviews of the product precisely. It will give a better idea regarding the performance of the product. Also, read the buying guide carefully.

Affordable Price

Also, you need to be a bit considerate of the budget. By that, we mean, give each of the room heater an in-depth glance. The room heater comes at different costs. Be it oil heaters or any other ones, make sure to check out the list of best room heater price in India and select a product as per your cost range.


And of course, make sure that the room heaters are energy-efficient. That’s because energy-efficient room heaters are something that can retain you from spending too much money on electricity bills. As an added benefit, make sure that the products are environmentally friendly as well. 

If the selected room heater has the above-mentioned factors then it is undoubtedly an appropriate pick for you.

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Key Features to See When Buying a Room Heaters

There are certain necessary key features that one needs to consider when buying different kinds of room heaters. When we talk about room heaters, our mind demands to choose the best oil based room heater in india, quartz room heater, oil filled heaters, etc. That’s the reason why we have come up with some features that will help you to buy the best room heater in India. So without any delay, let’s take a thorough look into them for a better idea.

Safety and Protection

While buying the best oil room heater in India, the first thing that needs to be considered is its safety and protection. Safety is something that should undoubtedly be the top priority for any buyer. Thus, to maintain the same, the heater should have distinct features like cool touch, overheat protection switch, and tip over switch. 


Usually, room heaters have two kinds of the thermostat setting Viz, adjustable, and programmable. An adjustable thermostat can assist in setting the temperature from low to high and the programmable thermostat, on the other hand, sets a certain temperature. With a thermostat, room heaters can control the temperature of a room. Besides, it helps to adjust the heat precisely. For example, in case of a cold climate, you can customize the temperature of the heaters as per the desire. Once the temperature becomes excessive, the thermostat setting turns off the heating instantly.


Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the power consumption of room heaters are minimal. During chilly days, people might need a room heater 24*7. Thus, it is best to get the best room heaters that are energy-efficient and the power consumption is less. It is an important aspect to cut down the electricity bill.

Power Cord

Another thing to look for is the length and quality of the power cord. Of course, if the length of the cord is long then it will be much more convenient for use. Besides, you will be sole to position it according to your preferences. However, an extended cord should not be used. That’s because a room heater with an extended cord can cause safety concerns.


Always get room heaters with low decibel ratings. That’s because a room heater with minimal decibel ratings can result in lower sound levels. Now, if you get a room heater with a fan, then it will make more sound for apparent reasons. On the other hand, a room heater without a fan will make a comparatively lesser sound. So yes, it is best to look for such aspects and get a product accordingly.

Warranty Period 

Warranty depicts brand reliability. Thus, make sure that the warranty span of the product is for a prolonged time period like six months or 1 year. Besides, it also ensures the authenticity of the best selling room heater in india. If, at any point, you encounter any issue with the product, the problem will be fixed instantly.

No matter whether you are buying a room heater or food processor, our experts always help you make a wise decision.

Useful Tips to consider while Buying the Best Room Heaters Online?

While online shopping, you need to update yourself with a few practical tips and tricks. Besides, the room heaters in India has so many varieties like quartz room heater, oil filled heaters, fan heaters, convection heater, quartz heaters, ceramic heaters, oil filled room heater, and many more, that one seriously does not know what to buy.

However, it totally depends on your requirements. But, we can assist you with the most helpful factors to look for when buying room heaters in India online. It will also help you in purchasing any other online product in the future. Through these tips, one can buy the best room heater in India safely without any inconvenience. 

Reach Known Website

As you will be buying the product online, make sure that the website is a reliable one. Whether you are buying a heater, ac, or sewing machine, always pick a trustworthy website. Make sure to read most of the features and benefits precisely. Try not to input too much personal information. However, make sure to add the necessary ones.

Safety features and Reliability

Before deciding on any room heaters in India , check the safety features and reliability of the heater. See whether it has a device like protective grills, tip over switch protection, and cool-touch to avoid any accidents or blunders.


Look for a product that is energy efficient. That’s because the feature ensures conserving energy and low heating costs. As an added tip, try to compare the efficiency with the room space and then proceed further to buy room heaters for ownself. Besides, get a heater that is light in weight so that it could be transferred from one room to another.

Accurate Position

Whether you buy a product online or offline, positioning a heater accurately is pretty essential. Keep it away from inflammable objects and maintain a distance of 2 feet from entities like clothes, furnitures, rugs, etc. 

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Safety Tips to Contemplate While Using Room Heaters

While room heaters are pretty useful to keep you warm and comfortable, one has to maintain specific safety measures while using it. From the best oil filled room heater in India to radiant heater and space heaters, all of them should handled by following certain safety measures.

That’s because improper use of even the best room heater in India can be pretty dangerous. Thus, when buying a room heater, it’s best to take specific precautionary steps beforehand.

  • Keep all the inflammable objects away from the room heater. Apart from that, maintain a distance of 2-3 meters between the heater and entities like beddings, blankets, furnitures, etc.
  • Make sure to keep the heater on a hard and non-flammable surface. Avoid any furniture made of wood or plastic and keep the heater device away from carpets. 
  • The best room heaters should be used to provide warmth in the room. Do not use it for other purposes like cooking or drying clothes.
  • Keep your furry friends and little ones away from the heaters. Any close contact can result in burns or shock.
  • Check the heaters condition precisely. If you find any issue or damage, make sure to get it repaired immediately.
  • Keep the plug socket free from any overload. Try not to connect any other electrical appliances with a power socket.
  • Always keep your room heaters clean and tidy. The more you keep it clean, the better and durable it will be.
  • Never leave the heaters on after use. Make sure to turn the heater device off and unplug it from the socket once used. 
  • Safety is an absolute necessity! Always be careful while using room heaters, especially around children. 
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Tips on Placing a Room Heater in Accurate Place

A heater, when positioned or placed correctly, can help in an even distribution of heat throughout the room. It is clear that the best room heater in India when adjusted in the right place can enhance the overall performance. From ceramic heaters or oil heaters to infrared heaters or quartz tubes heater , no matter which heater device you buy, it’s necessary to keep it in a suitable position. Here we have mentioned most of the tips on positioning a room heater accurately.

Under Room Window

One of the best places to place a room heater is under the room window. By keeping it in that place, cold air that enters from window glass heats up, and the chances of forming cold draughts on the floor are quite unlikely. However, if your room cannot fit a panel heater, try the wall strip panel heaters.

Away From Wall

The heater should be situated at least one or two-door away from the wall. If the heater device is customized with intake and exhaust vents on the front side of the heater, then it can be placed near the wall. However, make sure to keep it away from any flammable objects that have the potency to catch fire.

Do not keep the Furniture at the Front

Apart from that, make sure that there is no furniture placed at the front of the room heater. That’s because the product might block the heat distribution throughout the room. Also, wooden furnitures must be kept distant to avoid any accident in the future.

Properly Positioned

In addition to that, the heater should be positioned appropriately. In simple terms, panel heaters should be planted around 10 cm from the ground. Also, there must be a distance of 10 cm on the front side too. Make sure to read the guideline book when positioning room heaters in the room.

Now that you know how to take care of your room heater, you can expect to increase the longevity of usage by following these pointers. We also have a buyer’s guide for mixer grinders that you can check out to make everyday cooking simple for you.

Frequently asked questions

Are Room Heaters Safe?

Of course. Room heaters are designed to provide a comfortable and warm environment during chilly winters. They are indeed safe, but you have to keep a check on specific features. Check if the product has to overheat protection, cool product body, protective grills, etc. 

Where Should I Place My Room Heaters?

There are numerous factors to see when placing or positioning a quartz room heater or any other heater category. Be it an oil-filled heater or infrared heaters, its placement is crucial. Here are a few of the category mentioned below

  • It should be away from inflammable objects.
  • No furniture or curtains should be present near the heaters.
  • Keep it away from pets and kids.
  • Ensure a distance of 4-6 ft between you and the heaters.

Can Air Conditioners or ac Be Used as Room Heaters?

Some air conditioners or ac are designed to serve as a heater during the winters. So yes, to answer your question, an Ac can be used as a room heater. However, they can be pretty expensive.

Does a Room Heaters Dry the air of the room?

No, room heaters do not dry the air of a room. An adequate amount of moisture is retained in the atmosphere. However, if you notice that the air is dry, simply add a water bowl to ensure a moist environment.

Which are the best room heater brands in India?

There is numerous best room heater company in India that provide the most suitable heaters. They provide varieties like infrared heaters, oil heaters, oil filled heaters, quartz tube heaters, etc. We would say that the products from Bajaj, Orpat, Havells, and Usha are entirely satisfactory. 


So that’s it. These were some of the best room heater in India based on their features, different heat settings, performance, and other necessary aspects along with the buying guide. Our work is done here. Now, it’s your turn to comprehend your requirements and get an appropriate room heater for the place. 

Our experts researched day and night to come up with these room heaters list. With years of expertise, we came to the conclusion that Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watt Heat Convector Room Heater is quite a satisfactory pick on the basis of reliability, durability, performance, and cost.

No matter which product you choose, when buying a room heater, always take a thorough look into the guidelines and features of the product. Check for its two heat settings, power settings, power consumption, heat convectors, oil filled radiator, quartz tube or quartz tubes, wall mountable compact, spot heating feature, heating element, heat connectors, overheat protection, and read the buying guide. It will provide a better idea regarding some necessary factors related to the available quartz room heater or any other type. If you liked this read and need further assistance with daily or kitchen appliances, check out our list of Mixer Grinder & Dishwasher. 

Hopefully, you got the answer for which is the best room heater in India. Good luck with the shopping!

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