Best Geyser in India

Best Geyser in India

Arelaxing hot shower is all you need to rejuvenate after a tiring day at work. Any luxury cannot replace this experience. But what makes this possible with limited effort? Installing the best geyser in India can help you to make a difference.

Choosing the right home water heater is not that easy, as there are many choices on the market. We have devoted our time studying and analyzing the top home geysers available on the Indian market to make this decision simple for you. As per our careful research, we found AO Smith Storage Water Heater to be one of the best home use options. However, If you are a new buyer or are installing a geyser in your house for the first time, we recommend reading the whole article and the buyer’s guide to water heaters before making your mind.

Our Top Choices

V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo 15 L

AO Smith Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith Water Heater (Geyser)


Bajaj Water Heater

Bajaj Water Heater White, 4 Star

New Shakti

List of The Best Geysers in India 2020

These heaters have been selected based on how well they combine capacity, reliability and value for money. In addition, to help you purchase the water heater that better suits your needs, we will also have a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Our experts are aware of your household needs and therefore they always come up with the best product suggestions. We have a buyer’s guide for vacuum cleaners as well.

Candes 5 Star Rated Automatic Storage Electric Water Heater2000 Watts25 litres5 year
Orient Electric Enamour Plus Vertical Storage Water Heater2000 Watts25 litres7 year
AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Storage Vertical Water Heater2000 Watts25 litres
7 Year
AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage Horizontal Water Heater2000 Watts15 Litre2 Year
Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water HeaterNA15 Litre2 Year
V-Guard Victo Water GeyserNA15 litres2 Year
Crompton Amica ASWH-2010 Storage Water HeaterNA10 litres NA

V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

Geyser manufacturers usually do not provide free installation. This water heater, V-Guard Victo, is different because it offers pan-India free installation and the supply of inlet and outlet tubing. This water geyser is available in different sizes, including 10L and 25L.

In bathrooms with bathtubs, the V-Guard Victo water heater is ideal for providing hot water. Depending on your comfort level, the handy temperature control knob on the front panel enables you to regulate the water temperature. 

One of this V-Guard water heater’s thrilling features is that it is made with an anti-corrosive powder coating of high-quality mild steel. And in humid environments, it helps the tank last longer.

A four-layered protective system comes with this water heater. It includes a high-tech thermostat and a thermal cut-off mechanism to ensure that the power supply is switched off at a set temperature to ensure overheating and accurate temperature regulation.

To protect against rust and the harmful effects of rough water, the inner reservoir, made of thick-gauge steel, uses single-line welding technology. Thus you have a water heater that will last a long time.

For ensuring maximum pressure management and safeguarding your water heater, this geyser features a multifunctional valve. 

Lastly, the sacrificial anode of the magnesium rod prevents the inner tank from corrosion.

Warranty –

There is a two-year consumer warranty on the product, along with an additional one-year warranty on the heating system warranty and a three-year other warranty on the inner tank.


  • Energy-efficient system.  
  • Ensure decent performance
  • Features a trendy look
  • A highlighted feature is the supply of inlet and outlet pipes and free installation.


  • It takes approximately 25 minutes to heat the entire 15L of water in the tank.

AO Smith 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

The most energy-efficient of the best water geyser in India list is this SDS-Green series 015 water heater. This geyser comes with outstanding qualities, in addition to giving you the bonus of low energy bills. The customized anode rod functions in multiple water conditions, thereby shielding the tank and the heating element from corrosion.

With 23% tougher than standard stainless steel or copper tanks, AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Vertical Water Heater comes under one of the best geyser in India review. The Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology doubles the resistance to corrosion according to market standards and extends the tank’s lifespan.

The fold-back heating feature fits seamlessly into the tank and ensures uniform heating to ensure a constant hot water supply.

The groundbreaking PUF Injection process guarantees uniform and high-density foam delivery. Maximum efficiency and power savings are provided by the absence of gaps between the tank and insulation. 

This water heater comes with a powerful inlet water diffuser to split the incoming water jet into small streams, shifting the direction of water flow from vertical to horizontal.

There is a thermostat that helps set the hot water temperature, and once the set temperature is achieved, renders the heating element non-operational.

Warranty –

AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-025 Vertical Water Heater comes with seven years warranty on the inner tank, 2+2 years extended warranty on the heating element covered with glass, and 2 years full warranty protects you against manufacturing defects initially.


  • Excellent insulation allows the water temperature to be maintained for long periods.
  • This water heater is durable.
  • The device that saves energy


  • Installation difficulties persist because the box does not provide the required accessories for installation

Bajaj Water Heater

Bajaj Water Heater

With its products of exceptional quality, Bajaj has made a name for itself in India. It is incredibly flexible. It’s small, and it fits everywhere, but without sacrificing capacity. It is a 25-liter heater. Due to its resilience, you do not lose its efficiency despite storing too much water.

Bajaj has been one of India’s top electronics manufacturers for decades, making it the most popular option among Indians in efficiency, service, and reputation.

The demand for water heaters capable of surviving 8-bar pressure is high since high-rise apartments are mushrooming all over India. This 15L Bajaj New Shakti storage water heater is best suited for flats housed in high rise buildings on the top floors.

This water heater features Titanium Armour technology, a special coating for the internal tank to resist corrosion and rust, resulting in an increased tank’s increased life. The exciting part of this heater is the exterior rust-proof body made of a single sheet of welded metal.

A lot of energy is used by water heaters. Nonetheless, this Bajaj New Shakti 15L vertical water heater is an energy-efficient one that will satisfy your everyday hot water requirements. 

Improper use of water heaters can trigger unpleasant injuries. For protection against overheating, dry heating, and overpressure, this Bajaj water heater comes with multiple safety systems.

This water heater features innovative swirl flow technology to ensure water heating is 20 percent faster, thereby saving energy.

The powder-coated metal body, adjustable thermostat, and magnesium anode are some of the other exciting features for additional corrosion and leakage protection. Another useful function is the unique temperature indicator dial.

Warranty –

There is a 2 years product warranty and the heating element, while there is a five-year warranty on the tank.


  • Compact, large-capacity format.
  • For better longevity, the inner tank is lined with glass.
  • The magnesium anode provides significant corrosion and leakage protection.
  • Fire retardant power cord, which does not quickly catch fire.
  • The power consumption is just 2000 watts, with a 4-star BEE ranking.


  •  The 3-pin plug and pipes are not part of the kit.
  • Installation charges are extra.

AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Water Heater

AO Smith is among the best geyser brand in India for top quality multinational water heater manufacturing. This water heater is India’s best online horizontal water heater available. It is available in two volumes, 15L and 25L, respectively. Also, there is a 7-year warranty on the inner tank, making it a very reliable option. 

People usually go for vertical water heaters. However, due to its excellent appearance and other features, the horizontal water heater is increasingly becoming popular. 

Vertical water heaters are useful since the inherent gravitational force for water flow through the channels is used. Today, the elegant and lightweight style of the horizontal water heaters has captured people’s imagination.

AO Smith geysers are fitted with reliable steel tanks of high gauge alloy that are up to 23 percent heavier than stainless steel or copper tanks. These tanks come with Blue Diamond Glass Lining technology that offers double the corrosion resistance and increases the tank’s average lifetime. 

To provide uniform heating and ensure the optimum availability of hot water, the uniquely designed glass coated heating system fits wonderfully inside the horizontal tank.

This water heater uses high-quality, energy-efficient PUF injection technology to ensure energy conservation by filling the holes between the tank and the insulation. 

The powerful inlet water diffuser that divides the water flow into smaller streams, shifting its flow from the vertical to the horizontal direction, is another exciting feature present in this water heater.

It is manufactured with an anode rod that protects the tank and heating part from corrosion. This water heater provides extra protection. Besides, the thermostat plays a crucial role in setting water temperature. As the water exceeds the fixed temperature, it also makes the heating element non-operative.

Warranty –

It comes with a four-year extended warranty on the glass coated heating element, a seven-year warranty on the inner tank, and two years of comprehensive warranty.


  • Stylish and compact on the aesthetic front.
  • An outstanding feature is the blue diamond glass lining.
  • Technology for PUF injection prevents standing loss.


  • Not the strongest hard-water appliance to have.

Orient Electric Water Heater (White)

Orient Electric Water Heater

The first thing you’ll note about the Orient Electric Enamour Plus is the unusual design of the diamond shape, which is somewhat distinct from what is usually used in water heaters. The tank has an antibacterial system that keeps the water clean from dangerous bacteria in your bath. This makes the Orient Electric Enamor Plus a perfect device to consider by selecting basic safety and insulation features.

This Orient Electric gas heater comes with a titanium enamel coating and an Ipx4 waterproof body that lets it last longer even after remaining in the humid bathroom environment, making it one of the best gas geyser in India. 

The Orient electric water heater, made with a glass-line heating element, provides effective heating and comes with a high-grade shock-proof plastic body and a molded 3-pin plug for improved load performance.

With Whirl Flow Technology, the water tubes are installed. For faster heating and optimized energy conservation, this prevents close interaction between cold and hot water flow, resulting in 20 percent more hot water production.

For excellent and fast heating, the gas water heater comes with a magnesium anode rod. It also features puff insulation to maintain the water heater’s reliability and longer service life for improved heat retention.

The Enamour Plus water heater provides custom adjustment of the temperature setting according to your needs with a personalized temperature setting. It also contains a dial temperature indicator displaying the exact temperature of the bath.

The water heater, equipped with multifunctional safety features such as pressure escape valve, vacuum release valve, drain valve, and non-return valve, assures improved safety when in operation.

Warranty –

Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater comes with seven years of warranty on the tank, a four-year warranty on the element, and a 2 years warranty on the product.


  • Heating part with glass coating for improved heating.
  • The dial temperature display represents the exact temperature of the bath.
  • The 5 star has been scored to conserve more electricity.
  • Multifunction Valve-Pressure Escape Valve for improved protection.


  • No such cons found.

Candes Automatic Storage Water Heater

Candes Automatic Storage Water Heater

A trendy unibody build with a rust-free high impact-resistant thermoplastic body is featured in the Candes Storage Water heater range. It has a tough and powerful heating feature, which quickly heats the water. Along with Thermal Cut-Out, the product has an automatic thermostat control that allows for mechanical power cut-off after the needed heat level is reached.

Water heaters from Candes satisfy both high efficiency and safety requirements. The Candes 10/15/25 Perfecto Storage Instant water heater’s triple safety system and fire-proof cable save you and your family from accidents. 

Since this water heater is made of high-quality steel, it is durable and has been operating reliably for years. The water heater is a fine mix of aesthetic appeal and utility, featuring a white, cleverly built body cover.

Rejuvenate with this Candes Storage Water Geyser by taking long, humid showers. Its futuristic architecture is sleek, and its stainless steel tank provides high functionality as well. This geyser comes with features such as an I-thermostat, an all-purpose RPR valve, copper-sheathed heating unit, and LED indicators with sturdy construction to provide you with a warm and sizzling bath at any time of the day.

This Candes Storage Water Geyser comes with a 10/15/25 liter size, a large amount of water for an entire family. To wash dishes and even do other household tasks, you should have more and more warm water for a refreshing soak.

The thermal cut-out feature of the Candes geyser is that if the water temperature reaches the maximum preset amount, the thermal cut-out cuts off the power supply to ensure safety.

Embedded rugged stainless steel tank Built with superior corrosion-resistant & rust-resistant Stainless Steel tank, along with high-quality body material, making it extremely sturdy. The insulated plastic insulation helps to preserve the heat that maintains the water warm for a long time.

Warranty –

With five years warranty on the inner container and one-year comprehensive warranty, it ranks among the best geyser in India 2020.


  •  Automatic Shut-off
  • Corrosion And Rust Resistant
  • Insulated polymer adds to the preservation of heat.
  • Made with high-quality Stainless Steel


  • No such drawbacks were found.

Crompton Amica Water Heater 

Crompton Amica Water Heater

Crompton Amica no doubt comes under the best geyser company in India for its fantastic quality. Not only can Crompton’s water heaters have ample hot water, but they are also energy efficient. To help keep the interior water warm, the tank is insulated, and a thermostat controls the water’s overall temperature.

The powerful copper heating feature, made from high-quality steel, helps the geyser heat the water ultra-faster. The Amica Water Heater is ideal for high-rise buildings with 8 bar pressure and can withstand the pressure of up to 8.0 kg/cm2.

It offers dual protection with a high precision thermostat, reset knob, and preset thermal cut-out. It is planned to remain safe from abrupt shifts in power cuts & voltages.

Its metallic body is powder-coated to create a skin to keep the geyser rust-proof. And after years of use, it is very useful in keeping the water heater durable and serviceable.

The Crompton Amica Water Heater has a tank with a capacity of 25 liters to provide you with a constant hot water supply at any time of day.

High-quality PUF foam retains hot water for longer durations by maintaining high heat retention and helps reduce the energy bills.

It uses less energy and works efficiently without sacrificing efficiency, with Standby’s innovative architecture turning off. It is an energy-efficient water heater with a 5-star rating, which complies with quality and safety requirements.

Warranty –

The warranty details are not specified. 


  •  A vital feature of copper heating for superior efficiency
  • Magnesium corrosion safety anode, thermal cut-out preset.
  • 8 bar strain, which is sufficient for high-rise buildings.
  • 3 Safety Consumer Standard Defense and 5 star rated energy efficient geyser


  • The installation procedure is tricky.

How We Tested the Best Geyser in India 2020?

Water heaters have now become one of our home’s must-have appliances, particularly during the cold seasons, since conventional approaches are not only dangerous but also painful, such as boiling water over gas stoves.

However, the availability of thousands of brands and options can confuse you, so our experts have gone through several amazon reviews, customer preferences, blogs, and articles to find out the best products for you.

Even if you want to buy a food processor for your home, we have the perfect guide for you. Here are the things we considered while listing the best geysers in India. 


Many of the geysers have luxury qualities and thus have a high price tag. Through the heater capacity, along with the form, you can carry the price levels up or down. So without losing anything, get whatever suits your budget and your desires. For example, you can save a lot of money by having a 3 litre instant water heater if you’re a bachelor. 

After Sales Service

The brand will have a huge effect on the efficiency of the after-sales operation. You’re going to need assurance since you’re going to use the geyser regularly, and maintenance check-ups will be required.


The majority of premium water geysers, along with 2-3 years of warranty on the other pieces, come with 4-5 years of warranty on the inner tank. You can have it replaced or fixed during this replacement time without paying if the device ends up malfunctioning, like the Candes Storage Electric Water Heater comes with a five-year warranty on the inner container and a one-year comprehensive warranty.

Although these are the three major aspects, you ought to remember a lot more. In our geyser buying guide, we have included comprehensive details about them. After carefully evaluating efficiency, reliability, and operation, we have also picked out the best water heaters in India.


Types Of Geysers Available In India

We are born with lots of uncertainty as humans. Confusion is everywhere, thus, and with everything we do. For buying the right product for your home, confusion is more obvious. 

If you don’t know how to pick the best from all of them, you can end up nowhere in the ocean of competition filled markets with many businesses and brands. Therefore, our experts come up with the best product reviews along with a buyer’s guide, no matter whether you want to buy a mixer grinder or a water geyser. 

Depending on the purpose, these water heaters come in various types, weights, and shapes. To help you find out which is the best geyser in India, we have prepared ist above. But, before that, you must know the types of geysers available before you purchase any product.

Storage Water Heaters

If you are a working person in the house dealing with so many things and having more family members, then storage water heaters are the right for you. Because it allows you to store water for some time, which is not possible for instant water heaters. With a storage water heater, there are multi-task facilities available. You can take a bath and clean in the kitchen simultaneously.

There are more storage water heaters on the market than instant water heaters. A variety of sizes can be found for the perfect match for your home storage water heater or geyser. Compared to instant water heaters, the great thing is that the installation cost for a storage water heater is smaller.

There are some drawbacks to storage water heaters, those that you need to bear in mind because the cost of water heating is a bit costly relative to instant water heaters. After all, storage water needs heating. In contrast with instant water heater heaters, the reliability is weaker. Lifespan is lower than 15 years.


  • They need to wait 4-5 minutes before the bath to heat the pool. 
  • Using energy 24/7 from time to time to maintain a constant tank                   temperature. 
  • Big size relative to a tankless water heater.
  • The supply of hot water is limited, heats only within the storage capacity.


  • Budget-friendly Friendly 
  • Need less power 
  • Best for a bath or bucket bath shower

Instant or Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters use heating coils rather than holding water to heat the water as you need it. They are more energy-efficient than a storage tank, but they have only a small flow of hot water per minute, around 3.5 gallons, based on inlet water conditions.

They are ideally suited to persons who usually do not draw water for more than one use at a time, such as concurrently operating a shower and dishwasher. 

When you need hot water, you have to turn on the geyser and turn it off until you stop using it. In contrast to the storage water tank, there is no water shortage since there is no storage. Besides, instant water heaters have a long life. 


  • Using more power than storage geysers.
  • They are not recommended for bathing in a tub.


  • Smaller in scale and occupies less room for walls.
  • The continuous distribution of hot water. 
  • The tank is less likely to sustain damage.

Heat Pump Water Heater

These absorb and transfer heat from the air to the sea. They use about 60% less energy than traditional electric water heaters. And while they cost more than battery-powered versions, they are close in implementation, and payback time is low. But in very cold spaces, they don’t function well and need to be put in an environment that remains between 40° F and 90° F.

And since the heat pump is on top, from floor to ceiling, a hybrid water heater requires as many as 7 feet of clearance. To absorb ample heat from the air, you will also need up to 1,000 cubic feet of uncooled space, as well as a nearby drain to discharge the condensate.


  • The high purchasing cost and installation.  
  • For the exterior unit, extra room is needed. 
  • Noise-generating exterior units.


  • Energy is transformed efficiently into gas. 
  • Constant availability of a supply of electricity.
  • They provide high volumes for underfloor water heating, like hot tubs, jacuzzi, and swimming pools with energy-conserving heating. 
  • Cooperation successfully with other water heating devices. 

Condensing Water Heater

If you heat up with gas and need a unit with a capacity of more than 55 gallons, condensing water heaters are an option. Like a conventional water heater, these models have a tank, but they capture exhaust gases that would naturally flow out, which wastes energy.

These gases blow through a coil at the unit’s base, where most of the heat can be absorbed by incoming cold water.


  • One of the main problems with a condensing tankless water heater is corrosion—the act of condensation results in shorter lifespans of some materials.


  • Not only does the act of reusing the exhaust save on diesel and heating costs. 
  • The heat from the exhaust is drawn by condensing water heaters, cooling it to even lower temperatures.

Solar Water Heater

In a closed-loop structure that runs to the water tank, a roof-mounted cell collects the sun’s heat and converts it to an antifreeze-like fluid. In summer, the best offer stellar savings, rendering them appealing to humid, sunshine regions. But these heaters are quite costly and new in the market. 


  • To accommodate them, solar heaters need adequate roof space. 
  • To work, solar water heaters need direct sunlight. 
  • On wet or foggy days, the system does not work.


  • The radiation of the sun is converted into the heat energy available at home to receive hot water. 
  • The cost of these solar panels is lower than domestic systems that are bigger. Energy bills for supplying electricity to water heaters are also saved. 
  • After installation, little maintenance is required, but a solar water heater can run for up to 20 years.

Once you know the types of water heaters available and the advantages and disadvantages of those specific types of water heaters, then choosing the best geyser for hard water in India becomes much easier. 

Storage Tank Vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Tank – Typically, storage tank water heaters have a capacity of 30 to 60 gallons, but 50 gallons is the most common size. The capacity you want depends on your household’s size and how much you use hot water.

These tanks continuously heat water using natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, or gasoline to keep a full store ready. Whether you need it or not, that means you are paying to have hot water. Tank-style water heaters are less costly than tankless water heaters. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage Water Heater is among the best storage geyser in India. 

Tankless – Tankless, or on-demand water heaters, don’t store water in a tank, as their name implies. Instead, they warm the water as it passes through the unit to bring it up to temperature using a heat exchanger quickly. 

Tankless whole-house units are placed on a wall, saving you floor space and squeezing you into small spaces. They range in height but are around 2 feet high on average and a little over a foot wide.

Both tank and tankless best geyser can be the best option for you, depending on your individual needs. Although tankless water heaters are more effective than tank water heaters for storage, it can be costly to replace a tank water heater than a tankless one, and the payback time can be longer than the warranty.

Hence, if your bank account can handle the higher initial cost of a tankless water heater, you’ll save more money over time by selecting tankless. But if you’re on a moderate fixed income, a water heater storage tank could make more sense to you. To weigh your choices, analyze the two styles of water heaters with your plumber.

We also have a buyer’s guide for wet grinders that you can check out if you are willing to buy one.

What Are The Things You Should Acknowledge Before Buying A Water Heater in India?

To find the best products, there is a range of things you need to know and choose what suits you well. Each product has its drawbacks, and our experts assist you in searching for what you need to get the best results for you. Even if you are looking for help while finding an ideal dishwasher for your home, we have the perfect guide for you. 

Likewise, a suitable geyser or water heater should supply us with a few minutes of hot water. It should be very stable at the same time and not use much energy. The size of the family who proposes to use the geyser is essential. 

The wattage of the water heater does not have any role to play in energy use, contrary to what people believe. Other variables involved, like buying a litre instant water heater or storage water heater, are best. Before you settle on the right water heater, we shall explore these considerations.

Size or capacity of water geysers

The size of the geyser still depends on the size of the family and its use. If there are more individuals, you need a bigger scale, and if there are just a few individuals in the household, you will require a smaller capacity. 

For example, if your family consists of 8 members or more, then a 25-liter size geyser is best. If there are six people, the safest option is to get a 10-15 liter water heater. If the family has only 1 or 2 individuals, you can use a 3-liter geyser water heater.

With all the necessary considerations for the size of the best water heater, here’s a table to help you find the size you need.

  • For storage geyser water heaters-
Family SizeIdeal CapacityUsage
Just 1 person3-6 LitresBathing, with bucket
2-3 members3-6 LitresBathing, with bucket
4-8 members25 LitresBathing, with bucket
  • For instant geyser water heaters –
Family SizeIdeal CapacityUsage
Just 1 person3-6 LitresBathing, with bucket
2-3 members1-3 LitresWashing utensils
2-3 members6 LitresBathing, with bucket
4-8 members1-3 LitresWashing utensils

The AO Smith Vertical Water Heater is among the best geyser water heater in India with 25 Litre capacity. 


Water heaters work individually and have requirements based on the following: 

Types of Water Heater 

The type of water heater is the first point to remember. The two most common types are tank and tankless storage. A storage-tank water heater heats stored water, while as it moves through the unit, a tankless model heats water on demand. Indirect, point-of-use, and heat pump water heaters are additional solutions.

Power Source

All water heaters need a power source, no matter the type, To warm the water. Electricity, solar, or, more generally, natural gas, oil, or propane are alternatives. 

This is a very significant factor since the complexity and expense of installation can be calculated. For instance, in all gas-powered units installed indoors, venting is needed to exhaust combustion gases. 


For the intake and exhaust gases, a gas water heater will need venting. There are three primary venting types: chimney, direct, and strength. 

Standard chimney venting, through a chimney, emits exhaust. Power venting uses a fan to push air out of the ambient space by exhaust pipes and fresh air. Direct venting uses intake and exhaust pipes that can be mounted in a confined space and attach directly to the outside through a wall. 

When building a gas water heater, venting materials come into play. Both alternatives include stainless steel and less costly PVC. It is also becoming popular for modern, easy-to-install polypropylene venting. 

Direct venting utilizes intake and exhaust pipes connected through a wall directly to the outside and can be mounted in a confined space.

The material of the tank 

In water heaters, the tank is the most critical infrastructure, which indirectly affects geysers’ performance and reliability. So in selecting the right tank material, one must be extra-cautious. 

These are usually the following three geyser outer body tank materials that are currently on the market.

Copper Thermoplastic Stainless Steel
Copper is a strong electricity conductor that heats the water in a few minutes, but heat retaining power in copper tank materials is limited in the same way that the water loses its heat. These containers, however, are not very corrosion resistant and need to be coated with a special anti-corrosive material. These tanks are extremely corrosion resistant, but the insulation for heat retaining is weak. So for longer hot water, it needs additional inner coating on the inner tank material. Compared to copper and thermoplastics, these material tanks are deemed best because they provide good insulation and heat conductivity. This substance is above all, strong but a little sluggish against corrosion. A lot of corrosion-free solutions provided by water heater manufacturers will easily solve this.

V-Guard Victo Water Geyser is made with anti-corrosive material, and it is among the best 15 litre geyser in India.

Tank material coating or Anti Corrosive Design

You will frequently use the geyser, so it is essential to verify whether the water tank of the geyser you are planning to buy is anti-corrosive. This move is essential, as water is awful in certain parts of India. 

It will quickly corrode hard water, piling up calcium scales in the water tank. As a result, reduced heating efficiency would be apparent. In reality, once a year, you would have to change the heater.

To address those issues, manufacturers use anti-corrosive coatings. Some often use porcelain enamel glass, vitreous enamel, blue silicone enamel, blue diamond glass coating, titanium, and many other materials.

The two most common type of coating used in the best instant geyser in India are as follows:

  1. Glass-lined coating: Typically, this coating is made of copper or thermoplastic to maintain a steady water temperature for a longer period of time. But with repeated use, this insulation can be weakened in the long run. 
  2. Vitreous Enamel Coating: This coating is preferred for stainless steel water tanks; it is highly corrosion resistant and also avoids scaling of hard water. 

For instance, the bajaj new shakti water heater comes with a special coating for the internal tank to resist corrosion and rusting. 

Bar pressure

You may have noticed that we have often used the word “bar pressure.” In terms of ‘bars,’ water pressure in the water heaters or geysers is measured. This water pressure ranges from building to construction as the overhead tank is mounted at the building’s top. 

If the water tank’s pressure is high, it could be vulnerable to leakages and may soon be damaged. Therefore it is strongly advisable to choose <6 bar pressure for single or low-floor buildings and >6 bar pressure for high rise buildings or apartments.


In both vertical and horizontal mounting systems, geysers are accessible. Vertical water heater mounting is more traditional and has been bestselling for decades, whereas horizontal water heater mounting is new to the market. 

Among them, which is the best vertical or horizontal mount water heater? In conclusion, since they are better in power saving and cost-effective relative to horizontal mount geysers, vertical water heaters are best.

Heating Element

The heating factor is as critical as the material for the tank. Copper heating elements are used for most brands, with anti-corrosive coatings on top. A few manufactures use glass-coated heating elements that have the highest corrosion resistance. 

They’re still the most costly, however. Hard water, up to four years, can also survive these elements. Copper-coated glass heating elements are also an outstanding option, inexpensive, and the highest value for money. Copper heating element lasts for a mere two years.


Geysers come with thermal insulation to minimize energy drainage. Besides, while preserving the working temperature, the insulation also helps the heating water process smoother. 

The heavier the insulation is, the lower the loss of heat. Both geysers have different scores for insulation. You can, though, apply extra layers of insulation outside the heater for better performance.

Fiberglass wool, fixed with braces or traps, is the most common type of geyser insulation. The insulation prevents combustion gas outflow and ventilation while the burner works.

Also, some geysers come with PUFF. They can perform much better than glass wools, as they have a longer capacity to hold water. This saves 40 percent of electricity as a result. Even better, because of that, there is a lot of money saved. Like, Orient Vertical Storage Water Heater comes with PUFF insulation. 

Safety Features

Safety is always the priority. Water heaters or geysers have provided a range of safety precautions these days.

Thermal Cut-out ABS plastic body Multi safety valve Multi safety valve
This automated thermal cut-out eliminates the geyser’s burnouts by actually separating it from its power source. The plastic body of this ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene avoids corrosion formation and provides a shock-free body. If the temperature is unchecked or the water pressure in the tank rises up rapidly, this safety valve is opened and discharges the water. In the event of any short circuit, these cables limit the transmission of fire.

Overall, in any electrical appliance, these safety measures are mandatory, regardless of whether you are buying the best 10 ltr geyser in India or any other size.

Energy-saving features

When picking a geyser for your house, this must be at the forefront. Water heaters are typical energy-saving features.

Thermostat Timer Temperature Knob BEE star rating
In electrical equipment, it is the most often seen system these days. The thermostat function is that the system is automatically ON or OFF when the temperature is below the necessary temperature and whether the temperature is higher than the required temperature. A highly energy-efficient system is contained in a basic thermostat. Some people typically choose to run their geyser based on time rather than temperature, this function is helpful for them and allows you according to the timer to On or Off unit. This knob lets you select the hot water temperature needed for your bath. As normal, the thermostat comes into place when the temperature exceeds the preset value and shuts off the geyser. India’s Ministry of Power has a special authority named bureau of energy efficiency to ensure that every electrical machine’s power-saving performance complies with its pre-set guidelines and to award them a power ranking. You can see it on a sticker somewhere on the packaging, as all producers are allowed to provide the BEE star ranking for a product. The higher the BEE ranking, the higher the savings in price and electricity. In the long term, it will save you a lot of money. However, if you want to save any on upfront expenses, then there are always good enough 4-star water heaters.

Frequently asked questions

What should be the minimum budget required for a water heater? 

The industry sells a range of water heaters. If you want to buy a decent water heater, you can find it on Amazon for at least Rs 4000.

My heater forms smelly water. What do I do? 

Sedimentation and limescale build-up is the source of bad odor in water. Besides, unwanted microbes and minerals can develop inside the tank with strong chlorination of the inlet water. This could lead to water that smells much worse. But by daily flushing, you can keep the tank clean and safe for use.

Will water heaters deliver electric shocks when bathing?

For all electrical appliances, one should ensure that proper earthing in the house is needed. Second, to install the water heaters, you can contact a qualified technician. When they are not correctly mounted, the electrical current is not separated from the water. It will flow and induce electric shocks through the water.

Is it okay if I install a geyser on my own? 

If you are a student, not doing it yourself is in the best interest. We suggest that a nearby plumber should not be questioned since they do not obey safety precautions and are not very knowledgeable. 

Searching for an approved service center is the right thing to do. Many suppliers, some free of charge and some at a little expense can provide you with installation facilities for their goods. In the case of ventilation, you can still purchase some installation accessories.

Why should we turn the geyser off while it is not in use? 

Most individuals assume the temperature is regulated at the optimal degree by the thermostat. Its purpose is to monitor the supply of electricity to the fixed temperature after heating the water. It shuts the supply off, thus saving energy.

However, once left untouched in the cooling tank, the water cools out. If the geyser is not switched off, the thermostat restarts the energy supply if the temperature drops below the fixed temperature.


Now you have a clear understanding, and you can confidently purchase a water heater. It is essential to consider the operation, efficiency, expense, and size of a water heater to choose the best one for your house.

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