Best Mattress in India in 2021

Best Mattress in India

A good night’s sleep keeps you charged up and happy to lead a pleasant day. However, it’s not just a relaxed mind that matters. Sleeping posture, comfort, and, ofcourse, bed mattresses are other factors to consider for a peaceful sleep. Did you know various types of mattresses have a strong impact on your health? It can tackle snoring, prevent pain, render precise spinal alignment, and retain interrupted sleep. Thus, buying a good mattress is undoubtedly crucial in today’s time.

 There are certain factors to consider when buying the best mattress in India. From comfort to material, the list can be pretty long. However, if you are interested in purchasing or buying a mattress for yourself, then we have sorted that out for you. In today’s list, we have mentioned the best mattress in India 2021 to buy as per your requirements. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

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Our Top Choices

Sleepyhead Original - 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, 75x60x6 inches (Queen Size)

Sleepyhead Original

3 Layered Foam

SleepyCat 7-Inch 100% Natural Latex Organic Mattress- King Size (78x72x7 inches)

SleepyCat 7 Organic

100% Natural Latex

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft, Queen Bed Size (78x60x5)

Wakefit Dual Comfort

Dual Comfort Mattress

List of Best Mattresses in India

ProductSizeItem Firmness
1. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress78x60x5 inch Plush
2. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8″ Mattress King Bed78x72x8 inchesPlush
3. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Foam Mattress (Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress)75x60x6 inchesMedium
4. Livpure Regal 8″ Memory Foam72x36x8 inchesPlush
5. SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam King Size Mattress78x72x8 inchesFirm
6. Emma German Engineered Medium firm Essential Mattress72x72x8 inchesMedium
7. SleepyCat 7-Inch 100% Natural Latex Organic Mattress78x72x7 inchesFirm
8. Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen Bed Pocket Spring and High Density Foam Mattress78x60x6 inchesMedium
9. Wake-Up Dual Comfort Mattress84X78X5 InchesMedium
10. Shagun Mattress 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress72x36x4 InchesFirm
11. Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress78x72x8 inchesMedium

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

First and foremost, we will be initiating the list with Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress that has the perfect comfort for your sleeping preferences. So, whether you like to sleep on soft or hard surfaces, this mattress is a suitable option for both your requirements. That’s because this best mattress in India has two sides. 

While one side is soft and enclosed with soft foam, the other side is firmer with high resilience foam for better support. The soft side (which is white in color) is the best for summers, and firm ones (grey color) are useful for winters. 

In addition to that, the fabric of the Wakefit dual comfort mattress is breathable for much-needed comfort. The outer mattress cover is removable, and the material is premium quality with high GSM spun polyester fabric. The Dual Comfort Mattress’s primary material is Polyurethane, and the top material is foam.


As per the reviews, some of the fascinating features of this mattress are provided below

  • It helps to get better quality sleep
  • Renders adequate support
  • The comfort and softness of the product is satisfactory
  • It is suitable for pain relief. 


Color: White

Size: Queen

Warranty Period: 7-year manufacturer warranty



  • It is pretty money-friendly.
  • Orthopedic-friendly
  • Light in weight


Some people found the firm side of the mattress to be a bit softer. 

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8″ Mattress King Bed

The Sleep Company SmartGRID

The next mattress is from the brand Sleepyhead. If you have ever desired to sleep in clouds, this product will help you achieve the same. Yes, you read that right. The product is made with the combination of smart grid technology and plush comfort SMART Luxe for that comfortable and luxurious feel.  

It is further secured with a Quilted viscous mattress cover for that added coziness. Additionally, the product is made with adaptive mattress technology to retain any stress on the shoulder, hips, spine, and back. The mattress is enclosed with 2500+ air channels for that bouncy touch. It also helps in temperature regulation. Thus it does not cause any sweat-patches even in scorching summers.

The mattress is secured with an innovative hyper-elastic polymer. With this feature, the product does not include skin and remains intact in shape. In short, it is more durable and long-lasting for better use. The high-end plush mattress is available in two variants, i.e., 8″ and 10″.


  • The product is suitable for warmth and comfort.
  • Also, the softness of the mattress is satisfactory.
  • Ideal for quality sleep and pain relief.


Color: White

Size: King

Warranty Period: 10-year warranty


  • Pocket-friendly cost
  • It is enclosed with a grid system for heat reduction and good airflow. Hence, no sweating.
  • It has a modular design.


  • A bit too soft 
  • Some people might take more time to get comfortable with the mattress.

Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Foam Mattress (Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress)

 Sleepyhead Original - 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Some mattresses are soft, and some mattresses are hard. However, there is always that one mattress that is just right. Sleepyhead mattress brand claims to render that “just right mattress.” It is a medium firm mattress that is supportive yet soft. The three layers are divided with a base made of firm foam, followed by middle memory foam, and then a soft and breathable coating. If you are looking for a comfortable experience, then this best mattress in India is undoubtedly a great option to render the same. 

The firmness of the mattress is quite appealing, with just the perfect support for all body types. Despite being firm, the sponginess and softness of the bed remain intact. Also, it conjugates the right amount of bounciness and density. While it may sound quite unlikely to have a denser mattress, the product’s substantial foam layers render the desirable density without any hassle. Also, the outer mattress cover of the foam mattress is high in quality. It is washable and dust-free too.


  • It is enclosed with comfort foam that renders a cocoon feeling.
  • The foam mattress memory has pressure-relieving memory foam for equal distribution of weight.
  • Secured with HR foam for Orthopedic support
  • Removable and washable outer fabric
  • Easy to unbox 
  • 100 nights trials


Color: White

Size: Queen

Warranty Period: 10-year warranty


  • It is comfortable and comes at a pocket-friendly price. 
  • The mattresses are supportive and render relief from pain.
  • It is neither soft nor too hard. Customers consider it to be just the right mattress for sleeping.


  • The corners of the mattress have uneven thickness
  • Lack of sides protector and corner protectors

Livpure Regal 8″ Memory Foam Mattress + Latex Mattress Single Size

 Livpure Regal 8" Memory Foam

If you want three mandatory factors, i.e., comfort, back support, and undisturbed sleep, then this mattress from livpure is undoubtedly the best of all. 

The three foams include cool, gel memory, and latex. It has high-density support for a luxurious experience. Now, you can say goodbye to warm nights as this best mattress in India is secured with proprietary Kooltex fabric. The outstanding material will help you to get a peaceful sleep without any hassle. 

It is further secured with responsive memory foam for uninterrupted and disturbance-free sleep. Thus, if you are bothered with your partner’s sleep movements, then the foam will make sure that you do not feel even a pinch of action. With so many outstanding features, the mattress is considered premium and ultra-comfortable. 

In addition to that, the cool-gel-infused memory foam mattress is combined with temperature adaptive particles for just the right ambiance for sleeping. 

The natural latex layer of 1 inch ensures you of an aligned spine. Moreover, it also has a 6 inches HR foam for a supportive base. This foam encourages lesser strains. Overall all these factors ensure a good night’s sleep.


  • It is the perfect foam for spine and back support.
  • The outer cover of the mattress is removable, breathable, and washable.
  • Also, the mattress is made with memory foam and cool gel latex. 
  • The product is pretty firm.


  • Warranty Period: 10 Years Warranty 


  • Comfortable for sleeping
  • Money-friendly 
  • It is quite luxurious
  • Cushion feeling
  • 1 degree cooler fabric


We noted no such relevant disadvantages as per the revmade withiews.

SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
King Size

SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam King Size Mattress

With a mattress dimension of 78 inches in length, 72 inches in thickness of the mattress, and 8 inches in height, this product by SleepyCat is worth a shot if you are looking for king-size mattresses. 

It is made with different materials from top to bottom. While the first layer involves 2-inch gel memory foam, the base layer is supported with 6-inch high-density support foam. 

The cover of the mattress is created with knitted fabric. In terms of comfort, it is medium firm on touch. Also, the inner fabric is airy, and the base is anti-skid. 

Thus, it will not slide off. The mattress is made with toxin-free and safe materials. Also, it renders orthopedic support for a good night’s sleep. The premium gel and memory foam generate good support and plushness. 

If you have a sleeping partner who turn over all the time, then this mattress can indeed retain such scenarios. That’s because it is designed to render zero partner disturbance.

As a plus point, the product is precisely satisfied and packed with maximum hygiene.


  • Renders luxurious sleep quality
  • One can feel plush with the best orthopedic mattress in India
  • It has a zipper cover that is detachable for effortless washing
  • Created with non-toxic materials


Color: White

Size: King

Warranty Period: 10-year warranty


  • It is pretty efficient for good pain relief
  • The support and comfort of the mattress is quite appreciating
  • It is money-friendly


Some people complained of excessive heat generation.

Emma German Engineered Medium-firm Essential Mattress

 Emma German Engineered Medium firm Essential Mattress

This Mattress by Emma German is claimed to have just the proper firmness for a good sleep. The mattress is made with a combination of layers with an appropriate density so that it could be efficient for all kinds of sleepers. 

It also retains good air circulation through its dark grey color side. The upper part of the mattress is secured with unique climate fiber.

It further holds a cover that is easy to remove and wash. Coming to its other relevant features, the mattress is perfect for both back, stomach, and side sleepers. 

That’s because it has a spine support structure made of 3 layers and seven zones for lower back support. Thus, on choosing this best mattress for back pain in India, you will not face any spinal issues or back pain as such. 

The design helps in proper body weight distribution and contouring to get relief from any pressure. It is also pretty durable for use and has motion transfer.


  • Supported with latest german technology and Indian quality
  • the mattress is breathable and temperature regulative
  • It has an Airgocell layer, visco-elastic memory foam layer, and polyurethane foam.


Color: White 

Size: King

Warranty Period: 11 Years Warranty


  • It is perfect for all body types and sleepers.
  • The product renders a good sleeping experience
  • It has the motion isolation feature


Some people faced difficulty with its total inflation. 

SleepyCat 7-Inch 100% Natural Latex Organic Mattress- King Size

 SleepyCat 7-Inch 100% Natural Latex Organic Mattress

With mattress dimensions of 78 inches in length, 72 inches in Width, and 7 inches in height, this Mattress by SleepyCat is an excellent option if you like medium firmness. The top layer is made with latex foam, followed by 5-inch high-density support at the base to mention the material. 

Also, the cover of the mattress is a high-quality knitted fabric. It also has a slight bounciness and an anti-skid bottom. With this feature, the bed will not slide. 

To retain good airflow, it consists of a breezy inner fabric. It also has a 2-inch layer of organic latex for cooling. Also, the zonal support feature renders support to 7 body zones. 

The smart zipper cover makes it easy and convenient to wash the mattress. Lastly, the entire mattress is made with nontoxic materials.


  • It provides natural cooling through 100% organic latex. 
  • The seven comfort zones are the best for body parts like the head, neck, shoulder, back, thigh, foot, ankle, lower leg, etc.
  • It is 100% natural and durable.


Color: Grey 

Size: King

Warranty Period:10 years


  • It is good in terms of comfort and quality sleep
  • the mattress renders relief from pain
  • Also, it is pretty affordable.


The surface is too soft for some people. Also, there were complaints of back pain. 

Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen Bed Pocket Spring and High-Density Foam Mattress

 Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen Bed Pocket Spring

Springtek Ortho Pocket Mattress is made primarily with heavy-gauge tempered steel pocket coils. It renders a medium firmness for support and much durability. 

So, if you have a family with kids, this mattress is a good option. For support in the edges, it is secured with anti-microbial quilted fabric and foam encasement. 

The orthopedic memory foam mattress has passed 50+ tests and 60000 durability testing cycles for foam and spring sagging to prove its quality. Also, the high-density transition foam provides a calm and relaxed environment for good sleep.

It has multiple layers of foam cradles for good comfort. The density transition foam renders a fresh and calm feeling.


  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Sag resistant pocket spring mattress/spring mattresses
  • It is comfortable for sleep.


Color: White 

Size: Queen

Warranty Period: 6 years


  • It is pretty soft and supportive
  • Retains any kind of pain
  • The packaging is pretty good


Some people have made complaints about issues with the cushioning 

Wake-Up Dual Comfort Mattress

 Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam 5-Inch King Size Mattress

Wake-up dual comfort mattress hard soft is designed with cotton knitted breathable fabric in the top layer, followed by softy foam and HR foam in the middle layer, and the bottom layer is made with cotton knitted fabric. 

Both of the mattress sides are usable. The mattress’s product dimensions include a length of 213.36 cm, a thickness of 12.7 cm, and a Width of 198.12 cm.

During summer, you can use the soft side of the mattress. On the other hand, during the cool winters, You surely can use the hard side of the bed. It is further designed with high GSM knitted fabric to render much-needed comfort and better air circulation.

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  • It is secured with softy foam that renders comfort
  • One can use both the sides of the mattress
  • The blood flow inside the body gets better


Color: Blue

Size: King

Warranty Period: 10 Year


  • The quality is good
  • Value for money


It can be a bit too firm/hard for some people.

Shagun Mattress 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattresses

Shagun Mattress 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Shagun mattress are made with high resilience foams and PU for better support and sound sleep. It is designed to render the durability and longevity of the product. 

You can get the option to choose the best mattress from soft and firm comfort. Make sure to select as per your own preferences. In addition to that, both sides of the bed are helpful. Thus, you can consider it cost-friendly and money-saving. 

It is one of the best mattress in India that renders orthopedic support by relieving sore neck, painful back, or lower back. You can also consider it as an orthopedic memory foam mattress/orthopaedic memory foam mattress. 

The material type of the mattress is high resilience foam; also, the cover is made with quality quilted cotton breathable fabric color for better circulation of air.


  • Renders good support to the spine.
  • With better airflow, it keeps you cool.
  • HR Foam Mattresses


Color: Red

Warranty Period: 5 Year


  • It is soft, durable, and comfortable.
  • Good for pain relief
  • Value for Money


Some customers noted that the mattress shape is changing.

Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

 Sleepyhead Original 3 Layered Orthopedic King Size

With the primary material being foam, this Mattress from Sleepyhead Sense is medium firm in terms of comfort. It is designed with phase change cooling or PCM technology. It helps in the proper absorption and distribution of the body heat. Overall an optimal sleep temperature is maintained throughout.

In addition to that, it is secured with 3-zoned orthopedic support foam for better support and contouring. It then helps in proper spine alignment to retain any painful situation. It has memory foam in the middle that cushions the body efficiently. 

If you are looking for a blend/combination of comfort and luxury in a mattress, then this is undoubtedly going to render you both. The fabric of the product is breathable for better air circulation. It has multi-layer support for different body types.


  • It keeps the temperature cool and encourages sound sleep.
  • The mattress has multi-layer support.
  • Also, the fabric is airy and breathable.
  • It is pretty soft and appropriate for luxurious sleep.


Color: White 

Size: King

Warranty Period: 10 Year Warranty


  • Useful for orthopedic support
  • The price is affordable.
  • Created with premium quality entities


Edges are a bit saggy and depressed.

Best Mattress in India

What are the Different Types of Mattress in India 2021?

When we talk about mattresses, we do not comprehend that there are numerous types of them. Maybe you saw a mattress at your friend’s home and now you want the same one. 

However, keep in mind that both you and your friend’s requirements are different. Maybe they have some back issues and you don’t. Thus, if you get the same, you might end up buying an incorrect one.

To mention about the types, there are different varieties of best mattresses available in India. Here’s a complete list of the best mattress in India types below

Coir Mattress

First and foremost, we will be talking about the Coir Mattress. One of the most effective features of this mattress is that it originated from India. The best mattresses are prepared with coconut coir and considered environment-friendly and economical. As the entire bedding is made with coconut coir, they lack spring-based technology. 

In addition to that, the mattress will not return to its own shape after getting up from it. Now, coming to the comfort level, the coir mattress might not be as comfortable as the foam mattresses. Additionally, it might not be very long-lasting too. The base of the mattress is firm without any motion transfer. It is firm and may worsen back pain instead of resolving. 

Foam Mattress

Next, we have a type of mattress that is popular in India. Here, the mattress is filled with foam instead of the coir. The comfort level of the foam mattress is relatively high as it is soft with saggy ends. If you are experiencing/suffering from back or hip pain lately, this bedding is just the perfect option. The sagging of the mattress is retained in many brands in India through the addition of extra layers.

Moreover, the mattress is long-lasting and no motion transfer. One can use it for a time period of 7-8 years without any hassle. The mattress is designed to be used in cold conditions as the foam’s body heat is maintained. Although the mattress is a bit high in price, the features like no motion transfer are worth the cost.

Spring Mattress

The spring mattress is a kind of mattress with springs for a bouncy touch. The durability of the mattress depends on the way you use them. Thus, if you use it correctly and secure it with the best mattress topper in India, the lifespan can be as long as six years. The springs in the spring mattress might come out on prolonged use. 

Coming to its other features like cost and comfort, the mattress is moderately helpful for backaches, body aches, and medium in price. It has a motion transfer. Thus, on moving, tossing, and turning, your partner might get disturbed. To retain the motion transfer, the best mattress brands in India have started including foam layers. In addition to that, the durability is mediocre. 

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, then selecting the best memory foam mattress in India is undoubtedly the best of all options. While these mattresses are foam mattresses, there is a touch of innovation on them. It consists of an open-cell structure so that the pressure points can be retained and saved. 

The term “memory” in “Memory Foam Mattress” is given as it remembers the pressure points. It is considered quite helpful for spine or shoulder pain for its state-of-the-art pressure-relieving technology. Also, the foam is secured with Polyurethane for a dirt-free experience and is also efficient for spinal alignment. 

Keeping the benefits aside, some people might find the mattress a bit too soft or unsupportive. Also, it may cause too much smell, sweating, and interrupted sleep. 

Latex Mattress

As signified in the name itself, this kind of mattress in India consists of latex instead of foam. Latex can be extracted from rubber trees or even synthetically. 

It also contains materials other than latex. It includes entities like poly-foams 

and many more. Likewise, you can choose the firmness as per your own preferences.

There are two types of latex mattress, i.e., Dunlop and Talalay Latex. While the Dunlop latex is used for supporting the core for its heaviness, the Talalay latex is comparatively light and foamy. 

Both of them are durable and long-lasting, with a span of over eight years. However, in terms of comfort, Talalay latex mattresses are undoubtedly more comfortable. 

One of the many perks/advantages of choosing a latex mattress involves natural bounciness and temperature regulation. It is also outstanding for body contouring and superior pressure point relief. 

If you have issues/problems with your back or shoulder, then this mattress can render you relief from the same. The density of the latex mattress is pretty high. It is also the reason why it is perfect for heavyweight sleepers.

The latex in these latex mattresses renders a much-relaxed sleeping surface for its natural materials. Also, the foam is hypoallergenic and retains any mold, mildew, or dust accumulation. Although the cost may be slightly on the higher side, the pros make it worth a try. 

Airbed Mattress

Airbed mattresses are pretty convenient for it’s lightweight. They are easy to store and use. In fact, these mattresses can also be used as camping beds. While they are mostly made with PVC or polyvinyl chloride, one can also find an airbed mattress made with urethane plastic/rubber. It can also be used on the water surface as a toy. One of the perks of using an airbed mattress is that it retains people from developing bedsores.  

Both the bounciness and firmness of the mattress can be customized as per your preferences. You can adjust both these criteria accordingly. They are pretty good for side sleepers or people suffering from lower back pain. Apart from that, they are portable and odorless too. Overall these mattresses are comfortable and do not absorb heat from the body. To mention its cons, punctures, and leaks can occur. Also, specific air pumps can produce too much noise.  

Rebonded Foam Mattress

Rebonded foam mattress is a type of mattress that is made through a combination of reclaimed foam and scrap foam. If you compare the compressibility, energy absorption, and cushioning of a rebonded foam mattress with a coir mattress, you will note that the former is better than the latter. 

It is instead an excellent alternative to a coir mattress. The beddings are prepared by combining all the foams and other leftovers with adhesive. Hence, it is cost-efficient and a convenient option.

The best foam mattress in India encourages good sleep and prevents any spinal or shoulder problems. While there are no springs in the mattresses, it is still pretty bouncy. As it is prepared with recyclable materials, the product is eco friendly. Apart from that, the cost is relatively less when compared to other mattresses. 

One of its disadvantages is its unavailability in offline showrooms. You will have to order in an online retail shop. Lastly, it is best to keep it away from children’s reach as it contains inflammable entities. 

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What Are Some Good Features to Consider When Buying a Mattresses?

It is pretty clear that a mattress is just as important as any other entity for good sleep. However, if you have decided to buy a mattress, check whether it has the factors and qualities mentioned below.


First and foremost, make sure to consider the texture of the mattress. The baseline texture of the mattress can be felt despite the covers. On the other hand, there are some mattresses that may render a different feeling. Thus, checking for the texture is just as important as any other feature of a mattress. 


Firmness is one of the significant aspects to consider when looking for a good mattress. When we talk about firmness, we mean to know how hard it is. The firmness of the mattress is checked on a scale of 1 to 10. While one is the lowest, ten is the highest. Some people prefer a mattress that is within the 4 to 6 range. There are people who like the firmness scale to be near 2-3 or maybe 7-9. So, it is essential to check for firmness.


There are a variety of materials by which the mattresses are made. From metal spring mattresses to memory foam, the list can be never-ending. However, it can get really tricky to select an appropriate option for yourself. As per customer experiences, there are different scenarios. Currently, some people are pretty fond of memory foam or gel-based mattresses. Likewise, there are people who prefer innerspring varieties. 


The size of the mattress is another vital feature to look for when finding the best mattress. There are specific sizes that are tough to find. With that being said, you might also have preferences of specific sizes, without which it could get tough for you to sleep. So, if you are looking for a mattress for peaceful sleep, then size is undoubtedly a necessary factor to consider. Try your best to choose the perfect size mattress.  


Lastly, price should be considered too. If you have a limited budget, then make sure to look for a perfect mattress within the same range. With thorough research, one can get so without any hassle. However, with additional features, the price may take a surge. Thus, make sure to prepare yourself accordingly for a good mattress purchase. 

How Many Sizes of the Mattresses are Available?

The availability of mattress size differs from country to country. In India, the options are limited to a few. It is crucial for you to check your bed size and then buy a mattress accordingly. Here’s a brief list of the standard sizes provided below

King Size

King size mattress is a kind of mattress that is large in size. If you are a small family of, say, three members (a couple and a kid), then a King size mattress is the suitable choice. Usually, the mattress size range lies within (72X72) to (78X72) inches. If you compare the size of a king-size mattress with a single-size mattress, it will surely be double.   

Queen Size

Next, we have a queen-size mattress. The size is greater than the double-size mattress. It is best for couples, i.e., two big adults. Although, the inclusion of a child might lessen the space and make it stuffy. The size range varies (72X60) to (78X60) inches. 

Double Size

The size range of a double-size mattress is (72X48) to (75X60) inches. While it is not exactly twice the size of a single-size bed, two adults of medium size can fit without any hassle. In addition to that, a heavy adult can fit into it easily as well.  

Single Size

The size for the single-size mattress ranges within (72X36) to (75X36) inches. This type of mattress is undoubtedly best for a child. However, a heavy adult might feel it difficult to adjust. Overall, the size is perfect for a single kid. 

How To Get the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

We all have been in a specific situation where sleeping on the wrong mattress ruined our day entirely. Regardless of what you do, backaches, body aches, and shoulder pain are common with inaccurate mattresses. If you recently bought a mattress from the best mattress company in India and it feels uncomfortable, then it calls for a replacement. You might need a new mattress if

  • You feel tired even after an adequate sleep of 7-8 hours. A good mattress should make you feel rather than lethargic every morning.
  • It gets tough for you to sleep again if woken up in the middle of the night. Usually, this happens due to a sagged mattress. 
  • Tossing and turning have become a standard part of your daily sleep cycle. It might occur due to an uncomfortable mattress. 
  • You are developing allergies lately. Mattresses can constitute more than 10 million dust mites. These mites can further cause coughing or itching. These scenarios signify that your mattress requires a change. 
  • Mattresses are likely to become saggy with time. It can then become weirdly shaped and affect your spine and back, causing pain. 

So, Which Mattress is best for body aches and pains?

In today’s busy world, people are likely to face issues with the aches and pains. We are so hooked to screen that these problems have become pretty common. With that being said, resting on a good mattress is reasonably necessary. 

If you have issues/problems with your back or spine, then make sure to be considerate of certain entities before buying a mattress. Here’s a glimpse of the same 

  • A mattress should be designed to support the body contours and lower back. Hence, it should be a blend of both firmness and softness. While the firmness is for proper lower back support, the softness should take care of body contours. 
  • When it comes to rendering orthopedic support and resolving back pain, some of the best options include foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and orthopedic memory foam mattress in India. 
  • For back sleepers, a firm mattress is relevant. On the other hand, a side sleeper must go for a soft mattress. 

5 Tips to Maintain Mattress

While buying a mattress is just a matter of a few steps, proper maintenance is required to keep the mattress intact. Basically, a mattress should be free from any sort of dirt, dust, stains, molds, allergens, etc. These entities can be pretty problematic for people with Asthma. Hence, regular cleaning and maintenance are somewhat necessary. Here are the tips through which you can do so

Mattress Protector

One of the best ways to secure a mattress from any unusual circumstance is opting for a mattress protector. If you use a good quality mattress protector, it is likely to provide protection from any type of accident or spills. Moreover, the amount of dirt or dust accumulation takes a dip too.

With the use of a mattress protector, all the materials enclosed in the bed will stay damage-free. Besides, it also eliminates any oil, sweats, or allergens away from the bed. So, yes, start the maintenance process by purchasing the best mattress protector in India.  

Rotation is Necessary

You should rotate a mattress regularly. As if not done so, it might become more depressed and soft with time. Thus, make it a habit to turn over or rotate the mattress entirely every two to six months. If you want the mattress to be intact, then make it a habit to turn over the mattress for the first two years of purchase. 

Wash the Linens

In addition to that, make it a habit to wash the linens and mattress protector more often. Try your best to make it once a week. That’s because when you sleep, you are likely to sweat more. Besides, skin cells, hair, and oil are typical too. These entities can then enter into the mattress layers and cause dust mites or bacteria. Thus, make linen washing a part of life. 

As animal fur is likely to accumulate in the mattress, it is better to keep them away. Instead, you can make a separate snuggling point for you and your furry friend. 

Keep it in Sunlight.

It is also pretty essential to keep the mattress in the Sunlight. By doing so, excess moisture is retained. Also, it decreases the number of dust mites. Thus, occasional sun exposure is essential to maintain the mattress nicely. We would recommend you to move that mattress on your balcony or terrace once in a month. 

Avoid Jumping on Bed

If you have a kid in your home, then ask them not to jump on the bed. Some of the mattresses, like water and air beds, are likely to get more affected. In the case of spring mattresses/spring mattress, the spring might get affected. Also, the foams might wear off. Thus, it is best to avoid doing so. Besides, you have to be very careful when moving the mattress so that it does not get damaged. Do not bend or fold the mattress. 

How to Clean a Messy Mattress

Accidents with the mattresses are pretty common. From food spills to stains, numerous entities can create a mess on the mattress. If you ever face such an instance, here are the steps to clean it efficiently


First of all, start the cleaning process steadily. Make sure to remove all the entities from the bed and wash the linens. It will be best to use hot water. That’s because it can then help to kill the mites and keep the mattress from such insects.

Vacuum Cleaning

After that, start with vacuum cleaning the mattress. Make sure to initiate the process from the top and then slide down. Once you are done with it, similarly work on the mattress sides. 

Use Disinfectants

One of the best ways to disinfect your mattress is with the help of baking soda. Beds are likely to produce body odors. However, You can resolve it with baking soda too. All you have to do is spread some baking soda on the surface and use a scrub brush for rubbing. Wait for around 10 minutes. 

Vacuum Again

With the application of baking soda, it combines with all the oils and moisture. If you vacuum it again, the stains will be eliminated without any hassle. In addition to that, you will also note that there is a decrease in smell and humidity. 

How to Get Rid of Different Stains?

Stains can be of various kinds. From blood to sweat, the list can be pretty long. Depending on the type of stain, one can eliminate it through different tactics. If the stain is fresh or recent, it is likely to wear off quickly. However, old stains are likely to get difficult to remove 

  • Blood Stains-

To remove blood stains:

  1. Take hydrogen peroxide, table salt, and liquid soap in a bowl.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Apply it to the entire stain and wait for a few seconds.
  4. Remove the stain by using a rag with Hydrogen Peroxide.

It is best to utilize a white rag for the process. That’s because it retains the dye present in rage to enter into the mattress. 

  • Vomit Stains-

For vomit stains, try using undiluted ammonia. Just apply some on the stain with a white rag and do not completely submerge the mattress into the solution. Once done, clean the stain with a cloth and then spread some baking soda. It will eliminate the ammonia odor and moisture from the mattress. 

  • Urine Stains-

Add 3 tbsp baking soda in hydrogen peroxide and then two drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Take a white rag and input it on the stains. If the stain persists despite the tactics, try adding laundry detergent for about three tsp and one spoon of water. 

Keep it still for half an hour. It will become like a dried paste. Make sure to remove it by scrapping. You can further use a hydrogen peroxide dipped rag to eliminate any remaining stains. 

Repeat on Both Sides and Protect

Make sure to clean both sides of the mattress similarly and secure it further with a mattress cover. It’s best to choose a waterproof cover so that the bed remains secured despite any watery situation. 

How To Buy a Mattress Online?

Buying a mattress online can be new for some people. Most of us are habituated to go to stores and shop for entities like beddings, etc. Thus, when it comes to online shopping, there are certain things to consider. All the relevant points are listed below.

Delivery Time:

First of all, check the waiting time. When you are shopping online, the delivery is usually pretty quick. Thus, when placing an order, make sure to check if the item is getting delivered within the standard timing of three to seven days or not.

Sleep Trials

Many manufacturers render sleep trails to customers so that they can get the best mattress to buy in India. Sleep trials are quite a helpful factor because, during these trials, customers are allowed to use the mattresses for a while. However, if they did not like the product, they could return it, and the money will be refunded. So, make sure to check for the sleep trails as well. 

Warranty Period

Also, check for the warranty period precisely. Keep note that the warranty period does not include defects or physical damages. Instead, it only covers the manufacturing defects. More the warranty span, the better for you. That’s because the warranty period ensures mattress brand reliability.

Exchange Offers and Discounts

If the mattress brand is rendering exchange offers, then it’s pretty good too. However, the mattress needs to be in good condition to get the same. Make sure to look for any discounts when ordering the bed.  Even in case of products like wet grinders or vacuum cleaners, check for the necessary details precisely. 

Shipping Charges

Mostly, the delivery person does not charge for any delivery or shipping of the best mattress in India. However, there might be some cases where extra delivery/shipping charges may get included; with that being said, make sure to check for the same before ordering so that you do not face any difficulty in the coming time. 


Buying a mattress is an essential aspect of better dream sleep. With adequate rest and correct sleeping posture, an individual can concentrate better. We aren’t able to comprehend the value of a mattress unless we choose the wrong one. 

Not only does the back and spine get wrecked but it may also disrupt the sleep with time. Thus, make sure to give a thorough check on the mattress features and other relevant details when buying it. 

There are numerous varieties to choose from. Some of it includes Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress/orthopedic memory foam mattress, spring mattress/spring mattresses, gel memory foam mattress, memory foam mattresses, size memory foam mattress, Bonnell spring mattress, spring mattress, latex mattresses, high density mattress, high density foam mattress, memory foam layer mattress, eco friendly mattress, etc. 

We hope that our product list for the best mattress brand in India and buying guide rendered you adequate knowledge regarding the best mattress available in India.

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