Best Gas Stove in India 2021


Owing to the increasing stress and work pressure, nowadays almost 20 to 40% of people in India are dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension, as per the research published in Times of India.

Over the past few years, like other kitchen appliances, the gas stoves have also gone through a considerable change. They have been upgraded with new design and specifications for meeting varied requirements of your kitchen, making the best gas stove in India an essential element in Indian kitchens.

However, the countess functions, specifications and designs are enough to make the buyers confused. Therefore, our experts have spent a lot of researching and reviewing best gas stove brands in India, and they found Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove to be one of the best products, in terms of reviews, performance and longevity. 

Our Top Choices

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove


Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove


Sunflame Smart Gas Stove

Sunflame Smart Gas Stove


List and Reviews of The Best Gas Stove in India

Owing to the increasing requirement of a gas stove in India, many brands have evolved in the past few years, and now the gas stoves range from one burner capacity to four-burner options along with many other highlights, which has made it challenging to settle for the best gas stove.

To assist you in making a decision quickly, we have made a list of the best gas stoves in India, keep scrolling to find out.

Not just that, we provide a list of best products for every appliance, so if you need a vacuum cleaner, then we have come to the right place!

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove4 Burner9 kg 160 g1 YearGlass
Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove2 Burner5 kg 100 g1 YearGlass
Sunflame Smart Gas Stove2 Burner3 kg 780 g2 YearStainless Steel
Prestige Glass Top GTMC 03 Gas Stove3 Burner7 kg 500 g2 YearGlass
Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove2 Burner5 kg 360 g2 YearGlass

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong is among the best gas stove companies in India, and their four-burner capacity gas stove is exceptionally durable and made of shatter-proof glass. Besides, the glass top design looks classy and suits every kitchen interior.

The four burners are made of high-quality forged brass, and the design helps to evenly spread the heat and flame that comes from the burner. The compact design not only saves space on the kitchen countertop but also makes it easy to maintain. For further convenience and to make cooking safe, the burner is provided with a swivel gas inlet pipe that is located on the back of the stove.

The burner is layered with 6mm break-proof glass that not only makes the gas stove durable but also makes it look a lot elegant. The modern glass design can help to add up to the interior of your kitchen. The smooth ignition system assures safe usage and better flame control of the gas stove, while the ergonomic knob ensures smooth operation. 

The Lifelong four-burner gas stove’s anti-skid feet guarantee the gas stove remains stationary even when abundance constraint or weight is applied. This gadget is designed to avoid spillage of gas to give you a comfortable cooking experience each time.

The gas stove can be cleaned exceptionally effectively, simply by employing a wet cloth. Now you’ll be able to leave your kitchen as clean as when you began. Further, ISI certification makes it a dependable investment for all families.

What We Like

  • Simple operation with its ergonomically outlined knobs.
  • All parts are resistant from heat. 
  • Thick and toughened glass top.
  • Easy to clean.
  • High-efficiency burner. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Watch out with the sharp edges on the removable metal outlines.

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

Butterfly is an Indian company that makes gas stoves and its spare parts. One of the best gas stove brands in India for manufacturing mid-range items that comes with tons of highlights. Each burner comes with their devoted nozzle to control the fire, and the glass surface makes sure that any dust or dirt doesn’t stick.

With this gas stove, your cooking utensils won’t wobble as the spill plates nearly lock with each other, upgrading more stability. If you need to guarantee greater steadiness while cooking, the Smart Lock pan highlight will serve your purpose.

Brass encompasses high warm productivity, it guarantees ideal retention of heat while cooking, and since the burners are made of brass, they guarantee equal conveyance of heat which helps in proper cooking processes. Besides, stainless-steel spill plate of the Smart Gas stove ensures fewer chances of rusting and low maintenance so forget cleaning heavily rusted spill trays for hours.

The support legs of the gas stove guarantee steadiness with heat efficiency facility. The polymer legs are heat-resistant, which improves item productivity. The boards of this appliance are flame-retardant, so you can stand in front of your gas stove and cook to your heart’s delight without panicking.

What We Like

  • Smart lock pan stand.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • Brass increases efficiency and lifespan. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Elegant design.

What We Don’t Like

  • No such major drawbacks

Sunflame Smart Gas Stove

Sunflame Smart Gas Stove

Sunflame is among the best gas stove brand in India who have been manufacturing kitchen appliances for the last three decades. The Sunflame Smart Gas Stove comes with two high-efficiency burners to meet your everyday cooking needs.

Sunflame’s Brass Burner gives even flame in all directions with proficient heat while consuming lesser LPG, which makes it an economical choice. The innovative Stainless steel drip plate is planned for simple cleaning and support that is accumulated by overflows to spills, thereby keeping the cooktop clean.

Pervaded with powder coating innovation, the bolster is planned to hold your dish and utensils in place while cooking for safety and hassle-free operation. Stove movement gets to be a risk factor when a lot of pressure is used while cooking and mixing. Subflame’s extraordinarily outlined Anti-Skid Feet guarantees that the stove remains stationary indeed when excess constraint or pressure is applied to it.

As the item is manufactured with high-quality Stainless Steel Body, it gives a vigorous and firm structure that can carry heavyweights. To assist you to adjust the flame and the heat of the burners with ease, it is planned with ergonomically designed manual handles to minimize physical endeavours and maximize security.

What We Like

  • The gas stove is tough and long-lasting.
  • The brass burners help in uniform cooking. 
  • The handles come with a durable hold that’s easy on the fingers. 
  • The spill-proof design guarantees low maintenance.

What We Don’t Like

  • No major drawbacks found

Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove

Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove

As per our research, Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top Gas Stove has made it to the best gas stove in India reviews because of its spill-proof design, durable body and efficient performance.

The Pigeon Gas Stove is outlined to fulfil your needs both in terms of proficiency as well as style. The gas stove is very compact with sufficient space for you to utilize bigger dishes with solid tabular legs. The even distribution of the flame guarantees an idealized cooking encounter and ideal fuel utilization each time.

Made from stainless steel and highlighting a highly heat-resistant and toughened glass, the Pigeon gas stove isn’t only sturdy enough to resist day by day utilization but also highlights a rich plan that can move forward the overall décor of your kitchen. Including spill-proof skillet support and a detachable stainless steel trickle plate, the Pigeon stove is exceptionally simple to clean and maintain on a normal premise.

The Pigeon Stove highlights a set of two burners for cooking more than one dish at the same time. Its 360-degree spinning nozzle and easy-to-use design make it perfect for all sorts of family units.

The ergonomically outlined handle guarantees smooth functioning and simple to handle. Further, the Pigeon Gas stove is ISI Certified.

What We Like

  • Compact plan to save space in your kitchen.
  • Heat safe toughened glass.
  • Brass burners for even fire distribution.
  • Uniquely planned container support.
  • Easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like

  • knobs may get loose after a couple of months.

Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove

Pigeon Glass Top Gas Stove

Prestige Glass Top GTMC 03 comes with a sleek and elegant spill-proof design, which is a perfect fit for any kitchen interior. The efficient 3 burner setting helps to cook faster even if you have a large family or time constraints.

Prestige is in the market for a long time, and mainly they focus on marketing kitchenware. They are considered as one of the best glass top gas stove manufacturing brands in India.

The speciality of this Glass Top Gas Stove from Prestige is that it is compact in size and keenly designed to consume less countertop space. There are three brass burners for even blue flame distribution and the handles are easy to use. With its appealing design and body, this stove is an outright essential in the kitchen.

The product comes with smash proof toughened glass top for longer life and helpful cleaning. It has effective tri pin burners, which helps you to cook speedier and more productively and goes well with small utensils as well. 

What We Like

  • ISI certificated 3 burner stoves.
  • Highly productive tri-pin burners. 
  • A toughened glass top and elegant black colour. 
  • Ergonomic knobs. 
  • Spill-proof and Powder Coated body. 

What We Don’t Like

  • No such cons are found.

How We Selected The Best Gas Stove in India

As a buyer, when choosing any product, the first thing that comes to your mind is which product is best? You are required to go through a lot of research to find the answers to this question and to spare you all the trouble our experts go through several reviews, blogs and articles for finding and enlisting the best products out there in the market. For example, if you want the best food processors in India, then you can visit our website and get a list of top products easily.

Want to know which gas stove is best? Keep scrolling to know how our experts have reviewed a few products and shortlisted them based on the pointers mentioned below:


Regardless of which type of product you are planning to buy, you always decide on a budget. But, it is very essential to be realistic about the budget because the brand that is offering the lowest cost is not the best option always. In reality, the lowest price doesn’t guarantee a good quality of service. In the same way, a high cost doesn’t ensure the best quality.

Therefore, our experts did comparative research about the offerings and prices, then listed the above-mentioned products. During our research, we found Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove to be one of the best gas stove India in terms of best features and reasonable rate.

Warranty details

Usually, gas stoves last longer than electric ones but 13 to 15 years is the maximum lifespan of a gas stove, and it can be dangerous using an old gas stove. Because the element of fire is involved, it is certainly very important to check the warranty details while purchasing. In case, you face any problems right after buying the product then warranty can help you save the repairing cost initially.

It is true that and the product is made to outlast the warranty period without any defects so longer warranty means better quality. However, don’t go for a long warranty period but check what is included in the warranty, like if your manufacturer provides protection against manufacturing defects or physical damage or both. As per our research, our experts have witnessed that warranty on the best stoves in India usually varies from one to two years.


Even the best gas stove brands are prone to accidents if they are not used in the right way. Therefore, modern gas stoves come with electrical ignitions and safety valves to ensure the safety of users. If you don’t know the working system of the gas stoves then it is always better to go for a gas stove with easy to use knobs.

Besides, you must keep the burner on while cooking, and leaving the burned unattended for a long time can lead to accidental hazards too. Keeping these in mind, we have picked gas stoves that come with safety values as well as ergonomic knobs, and we found out Prestige Glass Top GTMC 03 is among the gas stove best brands in terms of safety.

We have gone through a few review pages, youtube recordings, brand websites and even amazon surveys for the best gas stoves comparison and listed some products above to assist you to make an easy decision.

How Does The Best Gas Stove in India Work?

If you want to have a better understanding of using gas stoves and how accidents can be prevented, you need to know the working function of gas stoves. Primarily, a gas stove consists of a burner panel connected to a little gas valve that is again connected to the main gas line. Once you turn on the knob, the intake valve opens and gas passes by a venturi tube, which is a wide pipe narrowed in the middle.

The gas enters through one of the wide ends, and then it creates pressure while passing through the narrowed section. After that, there is a section where the pipe again widens and has an air hole, so the pressure is released when gas moves through this section thereby oxygen is sucked through the air hole. That’s how oxygen is mixed with gas making it combustible, then this mixer flows into the burner.

The burner is basically an empty metal disk with gaps punctured through its border. A gas pilot light, also known as electric pilot flows to one side of the burner and sends a little spark or fire to ignite the oxygen-gas blend, which flows through the gaps in the burner. Then you can adjust the heat settings or the flame by turning the handle, as you are incrementing the stream of gas and air to increase the flame. 

Gas burners can instantly change temperature, ranging from high to low with the turn of a handle. The flame is created only on the stovetop innovation that gives an effortlessly controllable open fire. However, if you leave the flame unattended for a long time then it can cause accidents because of the element of fire involved.

Every best stainless steel gas stove in India features this same working function and thus finding a gas stove is more challenging. Our experts team have gone through several review pages and amazon reviews to help you find the best products and have listed them above.

Side note, if you have made your mind on which gas stove to buy, then you can go through our article on sewing machines in India.

How to Choose the Best Gas Stove in India?

No matter whether you’re a novice cook or an eager experimenter, or you live alone or cook for a large family, or you need to heat the leftovers, it is imperative to select your gas stove according to your requirement. Besides, a lot of variety of features, looks and brands are available in the market, making it essential to find a product that serves your purpose. 

Hence, our experts have acknowledged some factors before choosing the best gas stove in India, which are mentioned below:

Size or capacity 

The estimate of a gas stove you need to purchase depends solely on your family size. In a nuclear family, a stove with 2 burner tops works effectively and it is also less costly. But if you cook for a crowd frequently or you have a big family then you can consider 3 or 4 burner gas stove, which is comparatively costly than 2 burner stoves.

Also, consider your kitchen space because 4 burner stoves may take a little bit more space than a small 2 burner stove. On the other hand, 3 or 4 four burners means that you can cook a lot of different items at the same time, thereby saving your time and energy. If you have a small to a medium-sized family then you can also go for Sunflame 2 Burner Gas Stove, which is highly recommended by our experts.

Burner Distance

The space between two efficient burners is known as a burner distance. Mostly, the users face this problem is that even after having a 3 or 4 burner gas stove they can not utilize all the burners at a time. In order to use two or three burners subsequently, you’ll need to check the distance between the burners.

Need for satisfactory space between the burners won’t allow you to utilize different measured vessels at the same time for cooking. Our experts have studied this problem and found out that Prestige Glass Top GTMC 03 with three burners allows you to use all burners at the same time.

Heat controls and material 

When buying the best gas stoves, you must check if it has different manual controls for different heat settings or not, as it helps you to control the temperature while cooking. Nowadays, most of the gas stoves come with ergonomic control knobs to reduce the chance of accidents and ensure more safety.

Along with that, it is also essential to check the material used for manufacturing the gas stove. You can find gas stoves made of fibre in the market, which will add up to your interior but they are more delicate and require high maintenance. The gas stoves made of stainless steel to avoid rusting in the hot environment of your kitchen. In spite of the fact that the surface of the stove warms up quickly if it is made of stainless steel, the metal provides toughness and is not inclined to damage.

Additionally, there are some stoves that are made of toughened glass top and spill-proof design to ensure great looks and low maintenance at the same time. If you are looking for both spill-proof and tough glass top then Pigeon Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove is an ideal product for you as suggested by our experts.

Acknowledging the pointers will help you find the best gas stoves in India, even if you don’t find the above-mentioned list helpful. Not just gas stoves, even if you are looking for the best wet grinders in India then our experts have the perfect buyer’s guide for you.

5 Tips to Know for Using the Best Gas Stove in India

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to utilize the gas stove at that point save yourself the battle of inquiring your neighbours and referring to youtube recordings, go through our specially curated tips to learn to utilize gas stoves in a few minutes.

When baking unless you’ve got a convection fan, you’ll find that your cake or food items may bake quicker on one side. To avoid overcooking or burning, consider pivoting your pans all through the baking time.

If you ever smell gas or think that gas is leaking then don’t work electrical switches, and ensure that all the stove handles are kept in the off position. Even don’t light a matchstick indeed to identify the spillage of LPG. Then you must call an experienced person who can detach the regulator.

The remaining debris from your cooking may really capture fire the next time you go to light your burner. Subsequently, by ignoring the mess to believe that it’ll cook off the next time the stove is turned on, you’re leaving yourself with a potentially dangerous circumstance.

Keep in mind that simply cooking with an open fire. With electric stoves, something erroneously placed on the burner will be influenced by heat before a fire begins. However, with a gas range, the fire is heat. So, in the event that something comes in contact with it, a fire can begin very rapidly.

Many new users struggle to simmer the gas and it takes some practice. When you turn the flame low the cooking pan receives low heat that is called swimming but sometimes people also turn off the flame mistakenly.

Need such astounding tips? Our specialists have specially made tips for clients like you for all sorts of kitchen appliances, even for buying the best dishwashers in India, so stick around to know more.


Do glass top stoves break easily?

When the gas top is made of a ceramic and glass blend, it’s inclined to break under some conditions. It’s by and large durable and solid, but you have to take additional care to avoid things that might split on it. The surface of the gas stove can also scratch due to the use of certain cookware. However, there are also spill-proof cooktops available nowadays.

Is using a 3 burner stove Vastu?

Vastu shastra is basically an ancient science which gives significance to the structural angle of things and not on the numerology of it. Vastu makes a difference to get the importance of building your kitchen in the right heading and to put the components of the kitchen at proper places. Hence, there’s no mention that in case it is risky to use three burner gas stoves in your kitchen.

Three burner gas stove is one of the most excellent alternatives for multitasking because it gives you three nearly equal measured burners for efficient cooking. Thus you’ll be able to wrap up your errand of cooking quickly.

Which gas stove is better glass top or stainless steel?

Both stainless steel and glass top stoves are great, but stainless steel is more durable than glass top, which means stainless steel is not prone to physical damage while glass top is not so durable in certain conditions. On the other hand, the stainless steel surface heats up easily compared to glass. Therefore, if you have a glass top gas stove then you must maintain it well.


Gas stoves are essential to meet the everyday cooking requirements of an Indian kitchen. No matter whether you have ovens, electrical cooktops or many other things, the simple gas stove still dominates the market as the most important kitchen appliance.

When it comes to finding an air fryer, the market is full of different brands and purchasing any gas stove can provide amazing results. In any case, the trick of making a great purchase lies in choosing an item that’s strong, long-lasting and comes with a reasonable cost.

If you don’t have much time to put on research then you can refer to the products enlisted by our experts, as they have conveyed extensive research, gone through many websites to find your best products. According to our expert team, Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove is the best gas stove in India, in terms of durability, safety and performance.

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