Best BP Monitor in India

Best BP Monitor in India

Owing to the increasing stress and work pressure, nowadays almost 20 to 40% of people in India are dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension, as per the research published in Times of India. Changing lifestyle and switching to a healthy diet is not enough for patients with high blood pressure, they also need to monitor their blood pressure level regularly, and therefore the best bp monitor in India comes to their rescue.

However, finding the best blood pressure monitor India can be challenging because the purpose of buying is the same, but a lot of people don’t know what specifications they need, and what the price should be as per the specifications they are getting. Therefore, our experts have spent a lot of researching and reviewing best bp monitors in India, and they found Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor to be one of the best products, in terms of reviews, performance and longevity.

Our Top Choices

Omron Digital BP Monitor

Omron Digital BP Monitor

HEM 7120

Dr Trust Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Trust Blood Pressure Monitor


Dr Morepen BP Machine

Dr Morepen BP Automatic Monitor


List and Reviews of The Best Bp Monitor in India

 A patient with high blood pressure needs to keep track of his blood pressure level ratings frequently, which confirms the high demand for the best bp machine. But, there are many brands available in the market, so the buyer often gets confused while making a purchase. To assist you in making a decision quickly, we have made a list of the best Bp Monitor in India, keep scrolling to find out.

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Omron Digital Blood Pressure MonitorSingle memoryDigital3 Years570 g
Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor120 RecordsDigital1 Year430 g
Dr Trust Automatic Digital Bp Machine120 RecordsDual Talking Digital5 Year500 g
Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP MonitorNon-digital2 Year459 g
HealthSense Heart Mate Blood Pressure Monitor120Digital2 YearGlass

Omron Digital BP Monitor

Omron Digital BP Monitor

Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic device that follows the Oscillometric principle to provide a precise and accurate result. The compact size makes it easy to travel with. It can measure both your pulse rate and BP at one touch.

OMRON HEM-7120 is a BP monitor that measures systolic, pulse rhythm and diastolic pressure precisely. The gadget employs its advanced “IntelliSense” innovation for comfortable, controlled expansion without the requirement of pressure re-inflation or pre-setting, indeed a slight pressure alter can be identified, which results in most precise measurement.

This Computerized blood pressure monitor prompts the client to retake measurement when a mistake is identified due to any type of the body movement during measurement thus guaranteeing you to provide precise results, making it one of the best bp apparatus in the market. Besides, the one-touch operation makes it an ideal device for using at home.

If your diastolic and systolic pressure is outside the standard range, the pulse symbol will flicker on the Blood pressure measuring gadget when the estimation result is displayed. An irregular beat is a heartbeat rhythm that changes by more than 25% from the regular pulse. This pressure machine identifies and shows the irregular pulse while measuring the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

BP machine records the final estimation in its memory in this manner that the client can take a manual recording of their past measurement. IntelliSense is an elite technology which screens the blood pressure machine to inflate and deflate at the ideal level for each user, which guarantees precise estimation with consolation and ease of use.

What We Like

  • Compact design and easy to use.
  • Accurate measurement with Intellisense Technology.
  • Irregular Pulse and Hypertension marker.

What We Don’t Like

  • The adaptor isn’t included with the box.
  • The display doesn’t have a backlight.  

Dr Trust Automatic Digital Bp Machine

Dr Trust Automatic Digital Bp Machine

Dr Trust BP Smart machine comes with a BP screen that is very easy to use. This product provides fast and reliable results that can be obtained within seconds on a flawless black display with zebra lights. It is entirely automatic and has fast and reliable results that can be obtained within seconds on a gorgeous black display with zebra lights. It features fully automatic functioning and has a quiet mode or dual talking guidance.

With 22-42 cm of the universal cone-shaped cuff for arm, the device gives exact results and recognizes pulse irregularity heartbeat effortlessly, and warrants you for advance examination. It has advanced highlights, including low battery sign and auto control that works with a push of a button to offer easy encounters. Additionally, it saves the time and date of your recording so that you can keep track of your health quickly.

It can save the data up to 120 usages in memory, thereby eliminating the need to record their estimations physically. It can easily save information for two users. It is a compact and versatile device that is provided with a micro USB compatible port. You can easily power this device from a tablet, laptop, 4 AAA batteries, or any other compatible control source.

This digital talking BP monitor incorporates a talking feature that comes in Hindi and the English dialect. It is accommodating for those who have a low vision and can not read the test results. It is one of the best bp machines in India, in terms of taking highlights.

This product comes with a quick and reliable BP monitor with numerous incredible highlights. It gives results in seconds and avoids wrong results, making it the best blood pressure machine for home use.

What We Like

  • Talking Mode makes it easy to use for older adults.
  • USB Compatibility.
  • Conical cuff for universal fit.
  • MDI Technology. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The taking sound can be better.

Dr Morepen Bp02 Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Morepen Bp02 Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Morepen Bp02 Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best digital bp machines in India, and it is fully automatic. The pulse measurement ranges from 40 mmHg to 230 mmHg. This device features effortless operation and ensures maximum user-friendliness.

The indicated used in this device is classified by the World Health Organisation for its most exact readings. It not only calculates the normal of the final three readings but makes sure you don’t need to go for the manual calculation.

Dr Morepen is one of the best bp checking machine and other Healthcare hardware manufacturers. All its medical hardware are top-rated and profoundly recommended. Further, its smart innovation can allow low battery alarms, and it runs on four Pencil batteries eliminating the need of attaching to an electric plug.

Apart from recognizing irregular blood pressure, it can too identify even slight changes in a pulse so that each kind of irregularity can be limited. It has an interface for four uses and can hold up to 120 records for automatic comparison.

What We Like

  • The user interfaces for numerous users.
  • Excellent battery backup.
  • Low battery alerts.
  • Easy operation.
  • Lightweight and compact design. 

What We Don’t Like

  • No such cons found.

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP Monitor

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP Monitor

Rossmax is a non-digital easy to use blood pressure checking apparatus that strives to provide accurate ratings. For additional safety and comfort, it is provided with four layers of insulation on each side of the product.

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid BP Monitor runs on two triple A batteries and gives up to 3000 estimations at a time. It is one of the most excellent Android Sigma manometers which can keep up the exact calibration even in case it has been dropped.

Rossmax is one of the best blood pressure machines in India that is clinically tested to provide accurate results. Besides, it is one of the leading companies which has brought a positive change in the era of health care products.

The machine comprises a single head stethoscope which comes with the latex-free arm sleeve which is compatible for every arm. It incorporates a built-in alert feature which allows hassle-free handling for taking measurements at home. Further, the Air release valve comes with a chrome-plated design to ensure durability.

What We Like

  • Most recommended by medical experts.
  • Long time usage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Twin thermostat for 100% safety.
  • Washable and soft cotton cover. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Can not take a digital reading.

HealthSense BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor

HealthSense BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor

HealthSense Heart Mate BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor comes with one of a kind features that help to provide highly precise results in checking hypertension which is considered as the most risk factor for heart and renal diseases apart from strokes. There is an extra-large bright LCD monitor with the black font that offers much clear display.

HealthSense Heart Mate BP120 Blood Pressure Monitor can smartly work with any adapter of 6V, eliminating the requirement for charging. The widespread port comes in a compact bundle, capable of easily interfacing with a wide range of convenient USB devices may it be your tablet charger, desktop, mobile or to include a power bank.

No need to keep records manually because it consists of 2 client memory that’s competent to record 90 readings each. There is a time-lapse picture of the pressure varieties that helps you to take care of your heart. To provide more comfort and for precise reading, it is accompanied by a wide and expansive arm sleeve with a circumference of 22-42 centimetre to fit both small and large hands.

It relies on traditional Oscillometric innovation containing pressure sensors to sense arterial wall vibrations. It is proven to be a more dependable and cost-effective strategy in observing BP at home level compared to other non-invasive methods.

This device alerts you to stay still while taking the blood pressure reading and also retakes a perusing due to shaking or movement of the body during measurement. There is a visit indication that pops up in case of cardiovascular illness or calls for a doctor’s visit, which makes it the best blood pressure machine in India for home use.

What We Like

  • Large and big LCD.
  • Accuracy in recognizing slight irregularities.
  • Ease to use. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Adaptor not provided.
  • Not so durable. 

How We Selected Best BP Monitor in India

When choosing a product, the first thing that comes into your mind is how to know which product is the best? You have to go through several blogs, websites, reviews, Reddit commentaries and articles to know about the best products out there. However, everyone doesn’t have the time to do extensive research before buying a product as a result they fail to make a value for money purchase.

Therefore, our experts research on behalf of you and create a list of the best kitchen appliances in India. For example, if you want the best mixer grinders in India, then you can visit our website to get a list of top quality products.

To help you find the best bp monitor machine in India, we have picked the products based on the three considerations mentioned below:

Easy to use

A high blood pressure patient needs to check his BP frequently to keep track of his health. Most patients are not aware of the medical procedure of taking blood pressure, and therefore they need a device that features smooth operation so that they can easily measure their blood pressure without any hassle. Besides, some blood pressure machines need to be changed, so a low charge alarm is very beneficial because it will help it will remind you to charge the machine from time to time.

Otherwise, some advanced digital blood pressure monitors also come with batteries or USB charging, so you don’t need to worry about charging it. Nowadays, people also prefer the digital monitor as they can easily find out the reading without calculating. During our research, we found out Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure to be one of the best BP monitor in India in terms of reasonable rate and best features.


It is essential to decide on a budget before buying any product. Because there are different brands available offering many specifications, if you want more features in your product, your budget will increase. When you are realistic about the budget of the product you are buying, you want to go for the brand that is offering the lowest cost, as you will understand that they may not offer the quality of service you anticipate.

On the contrary, high cost also doesn’t ensure the best quality of service. As per our research, we think that digital bp monitors are little costlier than the non-digital ones and different types of features are available in the modern BP monitors, like dual talking, battery usage etc., and if you want those features, then you have to aim for a higher budget.

Budget is an essential factor. Therefore, our exports always try to find you the best deal, no matter whether you are buying a vacuum cleaner or bp monitors.

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Every electronic appliance comes with a short lifespan, and even the best blood pressure monitor in India comes with a limited lifespan of Maximum two to three years. Besides, the bp monitor needs to work efficiently and provide you with accurate readings. Therefore, if you face any problem right after buying the product, then the warranty can help you save the initial repairing cost.

Manufacturers always aim to outlast the warranty period without any defects while manufacturing the product so that a more extended warranty can mean better quality. However, going for a longer warranty period is not enough, you should check what is included in your warranty, like if the manufacturer protects against physical damage or manufacturing damage or both.

According to our research, the warranty on BP monitors can range from one year to five years, and Dr Trust Automatic Digital Bp Machine provides five years extended warranty. Still, the users may need to write reviews for getting that, which is why it is essential to check warranty details carefully.

For conveying our research, we have gone through several YouTube recording, review pages, brand websites and even Amazon reviews to find out the best blood pressure monitors in India and listed some of the products above to help you make an easy decision.

How Does The Best Bp Monitor in India Work?

Before you check out different products and make your mind for the best BP monitor, you should know how it works and what are the complications of using a blood pressure monitor at home. When patients are checking their blood pressure at home, it can motivate them to take care of their health and work towards improvement. However, as per the research of Harvard Men’s health watch, the home blood pressure monitor can provide inaccurate results in the case of 5 to 15% patients.

Hence, it is a common thing that the blood pressure measurement at home with any type of blood pressure monitor is different from the reading you get at your doctor’s clinic. Medical professionals use the auscultatory method for checking blood pressure, which helps to provide the most accurate reading, but that isn’t possible when you are checking your blood pressure at home, and then the digital BP monitors come to your rescue.

The digital BP monitors use a battery-powered air pump, an inflatable air bladder cuff and a pressure sensor for understanding the arterial wall vibrations for measuring blood pressure in an artery, which is also known as the oscillometric method. There are mainly two types of digital BP monitors like the upper-arm cuff Bo monitors and wrist BP monitors, however, the measurement method is the same for every BP monitor.

With a digital BP monitor, a user can quickly initiate measuring blood pressure by turning on the device and pushing a button. There are LCD touch screens, or on-screen virtual buttons are provided in an advanced Bo monitor. In recent times, some BP monitors can also save data of users, and that saves them the hassle of noting down the blood pressure reading every time.

Some blood pressure monitors may come with advanced features, but every blood pressure monitor shows the same functionality, and that’s why finding the best products is difficult. We have specialists who have studied several blogs and Amazon reviews to assist you in finding the best BP monitor and have listed a few products above.

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How to Choose The Best Bp Monitor in India?

High blood pressure is becoming a cause of concern these days, which can cause stroke, dementia and even lead to heart attack, which is why it is essential for patients with high blood pressure to take readings of their BP frequently. However, it is always not possible to go to a doctor’s clinic, and therefore home blood pressure machines have become an essential device.

Hence, our experts have acknowledged some factors before choosing the best blood pressure machine in India, which are mentioned below:


If you only take your blood pressure measurement at home only then the size of your monitor is not a concern but in case if you need to take it on the go or carry to the office, then you have to choose a small and portable bp machine. When it comes to lightweight b p machines, our experts have found out the Dr Morepen Bp02 Blood Pressure Monitor to be the best option.


High Bp in India is a rising concern, and the first thing you want from your blood pressure machine is an accurate reading of your blood pressure. Besides, if you are unaware of the readings of pulse rate and blood pressure, choose a machine that offers easily understandable readings or has voice capacity. As per our experts, if you have elderly people at home who you have a low vision, then Dr Trust Automatic Digital Bp Machine is the best product with dual talking capacity.


Some monitors will simply track your blood pressure while others may check your heart rate as well as provide health statistics. Even some blood pressure machines store previous data so that you don’t have to write down the readings manually. Further, some advanced BP monitors will also allow you to share your blood pressure ratings electronic city to your medical professionals or maybe family members. Choosing these features tips simply depends on your technical preference and your health needs.

Acknowledging the factors will help you to find the best blood pressure machine in India, even if you don’t find the above-mentioned list helpful. Not just BP machines, if you are looking for the best microwave ovens in India, then our experts have an ideal buyer’s guide for you.


How to read a Blood Pressure Monitor?

All of the computerized blood pressure machines show diastolic and systolic pressure on the display. The systolic pressure comes at first, and the diastolic pressure comes after that. So in case, your diastolic pressure is 80, and systolic pressure is 120, at that point, your blood pressure reading will be 120/80.

Which is the best Digital or Manual Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Automatic digital blood pressure monitor is the best for home use, as it allows the user to measure his or her own BP without any hassle.

Digital BP monitors are programmed, so you don’t have to tune in and guess your blood pressure, You just place the cuff, and it’ll test your blood pressure. Subsequently, it is a comfortable way of blood pressure testing. They measure your Blood Pressure with a few extra highlights like memory, pulse rate and hypertension indicator.

However, the culf upper hand blood pressure machines provide more accurate ratings than wrist digital blood pressure monitors because your wrist witnesses more movement than the upper hand.

Why does a Blood Pressure inflate twice?

In an advanced blood pressure monitor, there are a few extra highlights like body development detection, unpredictable pulse detection, which causes the blood pressure to require another test. That’s why your blood pressure inflates twice.

How to use Digital Blood Pressure Monitor?

First of all, you are required to sit comfortably with your back supported and your legs uncrossed and set on the floor. Then you need to keep your arm backed on the table at the same height as your heart. After that, roll up your sleeves and put the sleeve around your upper arm, then push the start button.

If you have an auto inflatable sleeve, it’ll inflate to the proper point. In case you have a physically inflatable sleeve, You need to blow it up to 30-40 mmHg over your normal Systolic Blood Pressure. The sleeve will naturally flatten, and your diastolic, as well as systolic pressure, will appear on your BP Monitor’s display. Lastly, you can release the cuff and take another reading after a few minutes to get accurate results.


According to the report of the Global Burden of Diseases in 2016, hypertension or high blood pressure was the reason behind 1.63 million deaths in India. Blood pressure is directly responsible for coronary heart disease or strokes, and therefore the use of digital blood pressure machines are increasing.

When it comes to finding a blood pressure machine, the market is full of different brands and who offer different features at fantastic rates. However, the trick of expensive purchase lies in choosing a product that is long-lasting, strong and comes at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, research plays a vital role in choosing a value for money product, but if you don’t have enough time to put in the research, then you can refer to the product listed by our experts. We have gone through many websites, reviews and finally think that Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is among the best BP monitor in India in terms of safety, performance and durability.

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