Best Inverter Battery in India 2020



Inverter battery
Luminous RC 18000 Inverter Battery

Why we picked it

 Fast charging

Longer backup

150AH Capacity



best Inverter battery
Amaron Inverter Tall Tubular Battery

Why we picked it

➔ Factory Charged

High Heat Tolerance

Easy Charging



best Inverter battery  in india
Exide New Insta Brite Battery

Why we picked it

 Fume And Leak Resistant

150AH Capacity


All the great innovations in History gained momentum with the invention of power or electricity. Hence, we all are well aware of the importance of electricity. In this 21st century, we can not imagine our lives without power, and thus Best Inverter Battery in India plays a vital role in offering electricity during load shedding.

However, choosing the best inverter battery in India is another task, as there are several brands available who offer competitive features and prices. We have created a buyer’s guide to help you choose the most reliable product.

When manuscripts guide, we have gone through several amazons reviews, blogs and product reviews and LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery stands as an ideal choice, in terms of performance and durability.

List of the Best Inverter Battery in India

Nowadays most of our daily chores depend on power supply like washing clothes, cooking, cooling up homes and many more. Therefore, our lives will become unproductive without power supply.

The inverter batteries help us to continue our workflow while the current is out, thereby, providing power during a power outage. When buying an inverter battery for the first time, many people get confused, and thus we have listed a few options below to assist you to make a wise decision.



best Inverter battery  in india

Luminous RC 18000 Inverter Battery

LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery is one of the best-suited products for areas that witness power cuts frequently. At an exception rate of 80% depth of discharge, the battery ensures its longevity to over 1250 cycles.

Editor Rating

Stand-out features include

  • Tall Tubular battery
  • Expected over 3-5 years of longer life. 
  • For correct fitment, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet.
  • Requires low maintenance.


  • Brand Name: Luminous
  • Capacity:  150AH
  • Weight of product: 53.3 Kg

To prevent lead against corrosion, the LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery is made of strong alloy components. As the component is patented by the company, it offers a homogenous pattern that is void-free and ensures best-in-class performance. Hence, it is one of the best choices to go for.

Owing to its fast charging feature and a long time back up benefit, it reduces the overall energy consumption, and thus a very energy efficient battery tall tubular battery. The stunning design of the battery is made using a High-Pressure Die Casting or HADI machine to give it a sturdy outlook and enable it to maintain a void-free uniform grain structure.

The rust-free alloy component assures the battery runs for a longer time. Besides, due to the purity of the component, it requires less maintenance. Further, the tabular plate creation allows for homogeneous distribution of power to provide world-class performance. 


best Inverter battery  in india

Amaron Inverter Tall Tubular Battery

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery uses hybrid alloy and heat resistant calcium for the grids, thereby, making it a low maintenance device. It can withstand high heat, which makes it a perfect companion for Indian households. 

Editor Rating

Stand-out features include

  • Needs very low maintenance.
  • Reduces mist formation. 
  • Ensures low acid leakage.
  • Easy and quick charging.


  • Brand Name: Amaron
  • Capacity:  150AH
  • Backup: 4-5Hours

The voltage fluctuations and long power outage require a reliable and sturdy battery back up. Without causing any damage to the internal functions, Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery withstands the overheating conditions of the inverter, which is caused due to its inconsistent power supply.

To ensure low maintenance, the friends are made of high heat resistant material with modified alloy. These features make it an ideal device for areas with persistent power cuts.

Due to high-pressure spine casting, the shape of the battery results in a uniform, single directional, coarse-grained and void-free structure, which offers longer shelf life. By lowering lead corrosion, the Panoptic spine prevents the tube from rusting.

Further, the superior quality vent system minimizes acid-spewing and mist formation problems. acid stratification, it comes with serrated separator tubes. The best thing is that you can monitor water levels from the outside and the water needs to be filled only once a year.

Additionally, the low preservation of lead ensures lower leakage and making it an ideal device to go for. 



best Inverter battery  in india

Exide New Insta Brite Battery

EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery comes with an alloy system that reduces water loss and there is a float guide to indicate electrolyte level. Besides, it eliminates the possibility of premature failure due to the dual plate separation. 

Editor Rating

Stand-out features include

  • Long shelf life.
  • Moulded handles on both sides of the battery.
  • Anti-splash guards.
  • Provided with a spark arrestor.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Brand Name: Exide
  • Capacity:  150AH
  • Backup: 3-5Hours

EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite Inverter Ups Battery caters to provide, which makes it suitable for areas where power cuts are frequent. Due to its superior features and unique technology, it offers brightness instantly. This device is also ideal to be used in extreme weather conditions so it ideal to deal with fluctuating heating conditions of Indian households.

For resisting the internal short circuits, the 150ah battery id created with Faure plate grids accompanied with a special formulation paste of litharge and red lead. The special hybrid alloy usage ensures less water consumption and reduces mist formation. While the dual plate separation eliminates vibration and chances of undergoing any shock. All these features eliminate the chance of premature battery failure, thereby, reducing the maintenance.

The float charge of the battery is backed by the spark arrestor for resisting fumes or any type of acid leakage when functioning. Further, The batteries come in a factory charged condition with a float guide for indicating the electrolyte levels.

best Inverter battery  in india

3 Things to know while purchasing inverter batteries in India

A mismatched battery can make your inverter completely useless, thereby, wasting your money. However, a suitable battery for your inverter can increase the longevity of your inverter and provide you with power in times of need.

Therefore, we have listed a few things that one must acknowledge while buying an inverter battery. 

The type of inverter battery

Inverter batteries are mainly lead-acid batteries, which consists of two electrode batteries immersed in an electrolyte solution. It is called the lead-acid battery because two lead-acid and lead electrodes are used here, while sulfuric acid is used as the electrolyte.

When the electrode batteries are soaked in an electrolyte solution, many reactions happen and lead to DC current. As the chemical reactions are reversible, it recharges the batteries. 

  • Flat Plate Battery
    Flat plate batteries are one of the most commonly used batteries in India, which are also known as first-generation batteries. It is good for using occasionally but not suitable for providing back up during frequent power cuts. 
  • Tubular Batteries
    Primarily, tabular batteries are an improved version of flat plate batteries. Its features and construction are better than flat plate batteries. It can provide backup for long hours, which makes it an ideal choice where power cuts are frequent. 
  • Sealed Lead Acid or Maintenance Free Batteries
    Sealed acid batteries are commonly known by many names like Deep Cycle SMF, VRLA and Sealed batteries etc. These types of batteries require absolutely less maintenance, eliminating the hassle of filling distilled water after regular intervals. 

Battery Size

Knowing the battery size helps you to understand if it is compatible with your inverter or not. Besides, you will also know what battery size would be sufficient to meet your requirements. To get desired results, go for a battery size that is enough to meet your needs.

Here’s an easy formula to calculate the battery size-

Inverter VA rating X Usage time (in hours) / Input voltage = Battery size

If you wish to have a backup for 6 hours with a 380 VA inverter, then the total Vah that is required is

380 X 6 = 2,280 Vah

A regular battery offers an input voltage of 12 V. Thus, the total Ah value required would be:

2280 / 12 = 190 Ah

Understand your power requirement 

Consider the big appliances at your home like an air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator etc., as they require more power to run. In case you want the big appliances during the power cut, then you need to increase the size of the inverter and the VA.

Now that you know everything that you need to take under consideration before buying an inverter battery, choosing a reliable one won’t be that tough. Still, if you are confused then refer to the products listed above.

3 ways to take care of the inverter battery

Taking care of the batteries will not only ensure longevity but also offers good performance. Here are some tips for taking care of your inverter battery -

  • Depending on the usage and battery pattern, one must refill distilled water into the inverter battery. Some batteries require replenishing after a month while others don’t require refilling before three-four months. To remind yourself about it, you can also set a reminder.
  • In case you see corrosion or rust building up them use a brush to clean it. You also make a paste of baking soda and water to clean the rust. 
  • Apply some grease over the socket connections to prevent rust or corrosion build up
  • Once you know how to take care of the best inverter battery, you will be able to use them for a longer time without any hassle.

The final verdict 

Choosing a suitable battery for your inverter may not be rocket science, but the availability of brands and features can make it challenging. Besides the battery specifications, the maintenance of inverter and battery plays a vital role in increasing the longevity of the device. The technological advancement from lead-acid batteries to tabular batteries has reduced the need for maintenance and made our lives easier.

All the best ah tall tubular batteries listed above are chosen completely based on their product quality, reviews, brand value, usability and service quality. With a backup of up to 12hours and capacity of 150 Ah, LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery remains on the top of our list. is reader-supported. When you made purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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best Inverter battery  in india

Luminous RC 18000 Inverter Battery

This battery has a unique patented alloy composition which protects it from corrosion.